Hide Powder

At BLC, we provide the SLTC official white hide powder used for gravimetric analysis in a minimum quantity of 200g.

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Softness Tester

The ST300 Softness Tester is a precision instrument that provides a dependable means of measuring leather softness.

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Substance Gauge

At BLC, we can supply the SG300 Substance Gauge as an analogue unit (0.1 mm divisions) or as an digital unit (0.01 mm figures).

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6-2-3 Chrome VI Remediation

BLC supply the unique patented chemical formulation 6-2-3, which reduces the levels of chrome VI found within leather samples.

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Laboratory Consumables

BLC provides a small quantity of useful laboratory supplies for in-house labs, including standards and felt pads.

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BLC Leather DyeGuard is a leather and vinyl protection kit which reduces dye transfer, surface damage, and soiling build-up.

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