Chrome VI Testing – Chromium VI / Chrome 6

Chrome VI testing

At BLC, we test for the presence of Chrome VI in a range of leather products, from finished items such as shoes and belts, to wet-blue hide. We’ll tell you how much Chrome VI is in your leather product.


Types of chrome VI tests

BS EN ISO 17075, the internationally recognised method for the analysis of chrome VI in leather, has been updated and split into two parts:

  • BS EN ISO 17075-1:2017: Leather – Chemical determination of chromium(VI) content in leather – Part 1: Colorimetric method and;
  • BS EN ISO 17075-2:2017:  Leather – Chemical determination of chromium(VI) content in leather – Part 2: Chromatographic method (recommended)

Both methods state that if a leather sample is tested with both 17075-1 and 17075-2, the results obtained with 17075-2 are considered as the reference. The advantage of the method described in 17075-2 is that there are no interferences from the colour of the extract. Nevertheless, interlaboratory trials do not show significant differences and the results are comparable between both methods. At Eurofins | BLC, it is our recommendation to use the Ion Chromatography method (ISO 17075-2) as standard.


Chrome VI ageing

There are two primary methods for chrome VI ageing – the use of heat and UV. These ageing methods are designed to assess the propensity for chrome VI to form in leather.

Eurofins | BLC can provide standard or aged testing.


How long does the test take?    


Turnaround Time



5 working days



3 working days

£Quotation + 50%


Eurofins | BLC Members Can Access the Tanner’s Guide to Chrome VI

Eurofins | BLC have created A Practical Guide for the Minimisation of Chrome(VI) Within a Tannery. This useful document provides BLC Members with a step-by-step checklist of ways to reduce chrome VI within the leather manufacturing process. Eurofins | BLC Members can access this online guide through the Member Toolkits page.


Access Chrome VI Guide for Tanneries


Eurofins | BLC Chemical Testing & Analysis

Chemical testing and analysis is conducted at Eurofins | BLC's internationally accredited chemical testing laboratory based in the UK, which is accredited by UKAS (0076), ILAC and CPSC (1049) for BS, EN and ISO standards, including ISO 17025. 

At Eurofins | BLC, we offer one of the fastest chemical testing turnaround times in Europe, with faster lead-time options available on selected routine chemical testing.

Below is a list of our most popular chemical tests:


Please read our testing terms and conditions.


What is chrome VI?

Hexavalent chromium VI (chrome VI) is the hazardous oxidised form of the naturally occurring chromium element and the safe trivalent form of chromium used in tanning. Chrome VI commonly occurs during transportation and storage of leather goods, as the development of chrome VI is often slow.


Risks of chrome VI in leather products

Chrome VI is recognized as a human carcinogen when it is inhaled and is also classified as a skin irritant.

Chrome VI is restricted under European REACH regulations; the entry under Annex XVII prohibits the placing on the market of leather articles and articles containing leather parts if the content of chromium VI is equal to or greater than 3 mg/kg of the total dry weight of leather in the leather article or the leather parts. The restriction applies to leather parts that under normal or foreseeable use come into contact with the skin. The restriction does not apply to products that are sold as second hand items.

Chrome VI is also restricted in other jurisdictions including South Korea, Taiwan and Egypt


Eurofins | BLC Provide Leading Chemical Testing Services for Consumer Products

At Eurofins | BLC, chemical testing is carried out in an internationally accredited testing laboratory, which holds accreditations from UKAS (0076), CPSC (1049) and ILAC.

Eurofins | BLC are proud to work with a wide variety of organisations around the world from chemical companies and product manufacturers to brands and retailers, testing a diverse range of consumer products. Customers of Eurofins | BLC benefit from fast testing turnaround times and one of the highest levels of customer service in the industry.

To ensure that Eurofins | BLC deliver some of the most accurate results in the industry, we regularly participate in proficiency testing programmes


For chemical testing services, Eurofins | BLC provide:

  • Chemical testing at an internationally accredited ISO17025 testing laboratory in the UK
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast chemical testing turnaround times - most test results available within 4-5 days working days
  • Both the testing and the understanding of the results provided
  • In the event of a failure, our chemical specialists can talk you through the results and provide recommendations for improvement
  • A comprehensive and easy to understand test report
  • Technical back up and support from chemical testing experts
  • Chemical compliance and product safety training courses for your staff


Become a Eurofins | BLC Member and access:

  • Discounted chemical testing prices
  • Access to an advanced chemical support through Eurofins | BLC's technical concierge service


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Our Accreditations

Eurofins | BLC holds accreditations from UKAS, CPSC, and ILAC, and has auditors approved to carry out LWG audits. Trust Eurofins | BLC to deliver some of the most accurate test results in the industry.

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