Technical Concierge

Eurofins | BLC can take care of all your technical needs. Member's benefit from free unlimited 1-2-1 remote support from our highly-experienced team.

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Discounted Services

Member's can save up to 30% off Eurofins | BLC products and services, including all testing, training, sustainabilty and problem solving services. Contact us for more information today.

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Recorded Webinars

Member's have free access to a range of webinars created by our technical experts. Topics include Chemical Management, REACH Regulations, Mould, Microplastics, RSL, and Verification of Vegan products.

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Chemical Specifications

Developed to help members understand restricted substance legislation and create concise and meaningful chemical specifications, integral to your quality management systems. 

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Materials Specifications

Eurofins | BLC provides a full international specification creation and updating service for a variety of products and materials.

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International Hide Prices

Access highly valuable industry information on international hide prices, complete with commentary on key market movements.

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Publications & Toolkits

At Eurofins | BLC, we are continually updating toolkits designed to support members, providing technical information and advice.

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Chemical Management & RSL Support

At Eurofins | BLC, we provide our members with support for their chemical management system and restricted substance list (RSL).

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Legislation Advice

Regulation differs on a national, regional, and international basis. At Eurofins | BLC, it’s our job to provide support and guidance, providing clarity.

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UK Leathermark Use

If your business wishes to use the Leathermark on products retailed in the UK, your business must be a Eurofins | BLC Member.

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Leather Industry Statistics

At Eurofins | BLC, we have collated significant leather industry statistics and information for members’ use only.

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Eurofins | BLC Technical Update

Eurofins | BLC Members can access past issues of the Eurofins | BLC Technical Update e-newsletter to support research and reporting.

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Research Publications

Eurofins | BLC Members can access our historic research publications into one place to use for research and reporting purposes.

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Conditions of Membership

Eurofins | BLC Membership FAQs

As a Eurofins | BLC Member, what discounts do I get?

Eurofins | BLC Members receive up to 30% discount on all testing, training, and problem-solving services. 

What level of technical support do I receive?

You'll receive 1-2-1 remote technical support as well as a dedicated Account Manager. 

Can I use the membership logo?

You can use the Eurofins | BLC Member logo on your website and stationery. To obtain a digital copy of the logo, email us via [email protected].

As a Eurofins | BLC Member, how long are my test reports valid for?

Typically, we would recommend that materials are tested at least annually if they are from the same supplier. 

As a Eurofins | BLC Member, what commercial value do I get?

Eurofins | BLC Membership gives your company access to a wide range of invaluable technical support and advice. Membership offers you access to people with extensive experience and knowledge within the leather sector, making Eurofins | BLC an additional resource for your business. View us as a natural extension to your team, where our experts are on hand to provide support and advice on all aspects of leather, textiles, and synthetics and their use.

As a member, how do I access technical knowledge from Eurofins | BLC?

For direct technical support, telephone us on +44 (0)1604 679999.

You can also contact your dedicated Account Manager directly with any questions, and they'll put you in touch with our technical experts.

As part of your Eurofins | BLC Membership, you receive up to 30% off selected training courses, as well as receiving the Technical Update, our monthly informational e-newsletter.

How long does Eurofins | BLC Membership last?

Eurofins | BLC Membership runs for a minimum period of 3 years, thereafter an annual rolling agreement.

How does Eurofins | BLC Membership support my business with specifications?

A major benefit of membership is the provision of performance and chemical specifications for all types of finished product including garment, footwear, accessories and upholstery.

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