Chem-MAP MRSL Assessment Programme

Driving improvement in chemical inputs for material supply chains

Whilst chemicals play an enormous role in our everyday lives, the desire to reduce the exposure to humans and the environment to hazardous and toxic chemistry is ever growing. As a result, the use of chemicals in manufacturing processes for consumer products are being increasingly scrutinised and brands and retailers are requiring better chemical inputs to be used upstream to ensure responsible chemical footprints for the products sold. 

This is never more relevant than in the footwear and apparel supply chains with programmes such as ZDHC (Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemistry) which has value chain alignment and commitment to widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry and best practice within the textile, leather and footwear industries. Such goals are likely to grow in ambition to reach other complex and chemical intensive supply chains. 

Brands and Retailers are increasingly aware of the risks posed by upstream chemical use. This puts additional scrutiny on the chemical companies and their own supply chains. 

Chem-MAP for chemical suppliers, manufacturers and retailers

The Chem-MAP value chain programme was designed in response to the need for verification of chemical inputs and involves programmes aimed at the three main stakeholders within a consumer goods value chain; the chemical manufacturing company, the manufacturer of material (or product) and the brand and/or retailer. 

The programme will provide assurance that chemical products are sold (routinely) as compliant (to the ZDHC or other MRSL specification) and that chemical manufacturers have appropriate stewardship in terms of management and control systems in place to assure that chemical products are being manufactured responsibly and to a recognised standard.  This process will involve a robust assessment of the chemical manufacturing company through an audit and testing programme and further downstream assurance though audits of facilities and surveillance testing of supplied chemical products.  

Other services available through the Chem-MAP system involve training and capacity building for manufacturing facilities and brands/retailers. 

Supporting the ZDHC Programme 

Aimed at supporting the goals of the ZDHC programme and other MRSL initiatives, Chem-MAP provides a range of third party assessments targeted at the three main supply chain stakeholders, chemical supply company (c-MAP), material manufacturer (m-MAP) and brand and retailer (b-MAP). 

The Chem-MAP system will provide assurance to the entire value chain around responsible chemical use and the integration of MRSL compliant chemistries.

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