Chem-MAP MRSL Assessment Programme

Chem-MAP is a MRSL assessment programme for materials supply chains, designed for chemical suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

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Leather Working Group (LWG) Audits

Individuals within BLC are approved to provide audits against the Leather Working Group (LWG) environmental auditing standard.

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Chrome VI Audits for Leather Manufacturers

BLC’s chrome VI audits assess and advise leather manufacturers, helping to reduce the risk of chrome VI formation in finished leather product.

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Leather Consulting & Auditing Services

At BLC, our leather consulting and auditing services span the supply chain. Discuss your leather manufacturing and processing issues.

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BLC Laboratory Audits & Accreditation

BLC offers certification and accreditation of in-house laboratories, ensuring staff, equipment, methods, and systems provide credible results.

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Chemical Management Services

BLC provides chemical management services to ensure your suppliers are managing and controlling their chemicals.

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Mould Audit for Leather Production Sites

BLC’s half-day mould audit assesses general factory conditions and gives recommendations for improvement, as well as best practice advice.

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