We provide a range of quality and chemical testing services, for leather, textiles, hardware, jewellery and synthetics.

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Fault Diagnosis

Experiencing leather quality issues? Our highly skilled experts use state-of-the art equipment to resolve product and material problems.

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Consulting & Auditing

Eurofins | BLC offer consultancy services and specialist audits covering Chrome VI, laboratory audits and Leather Working Group Awards.

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Chrome VI Support Services

At Eurofins we offer a variety of Chrome VI Support Services including testing to BS EN ISO 17075 (Standard & Ageing tests), Tannery and Manufacturing Audits, Technical Services and Training for Manufacturers, Brand and Retailers. 

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Disintegration & Biodegradability Testing

Eurofins | BLC offers disintegration and biodegradability tests for leather, textiles, synthetics & plastics to various ISO and environmental standards.

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United States Specialist Testing & Consulting

In partnership with Eurofins | US, we can provide accredited consumer product testing and technical consultancy services in our materials testing and research laboratory.

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Eurofins | Chem-MAPĀ® Systems

Eurofins | Chem-MAP® is an MRSL assessment programme for materials supply chains, designed for chemical suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

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Sustainability & Risk-Mapped Supply Chain

Our sustainability and risk-mapped supply chain services, target risk in the leather and materials supply chain, covering raw materials, manufacturing, and finished product.

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Vegan Verification of Materials

Vegan Verification is an innovative programme within the Eurofins | Chem-MAP® family which tests chemicals used in the manufacture of materials to establish whether any animal products or by-products have been used.

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Microplastics & Microfibre Testing

Eurofins | BLC has developed a microplastics test method that outlines how much microfibre shedding an object will release into water bodies.

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Leather Training Courses

Eurofins | BLC offer training courses, workshops and webinars covering leather manufacture, chemical compliance and sustainability.

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Membership Benefits

Get support for your business with Eurofins | BLC membership benefits. Gain access to material knowledge, technical information, legislation advice, discounts, and more...

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Research & Innovation

Eurofins | BLC is at the forefront of industry research, developing products such as DNA traceability solutions. We also provide confidential, research consulting services.

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