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Silvateam is recognised as the global market Ieader in the production of tannins since 1854. The company extracts only the best and most beneficial molecules crafted by nature and delivers high performing products based on the biochemistry of plants. lt is committed to making the real difference in today's global change, switching from synthetic to natural sustainable chemistry and, thereby, restoring nature's balance, threatened by excessive human exploitation.

The company is a family owned business with a turnover of over 140 million euros in 2017 and more than 800 employees among its manufacturing plants and branches in Europe, the Americas and Asia.
Silvateam's portfolio comprises all the types of product required to guarantee efficiency and sustainability throughout any leather making process. The main products are natural tannins extracted by different plants such as chestnut, quebracho and tara. Alongside these extracts the range includes synthetic tannins, special extracts, oils and fatliquors, tanning auxiliaries, resins, anionic dyes and beamhouse chemicals for the wet end. Silvateam has a partnership with Biofin to provide also finishing chemicals.

Silvateam is driven by a strong and continuous focus on innovation, quality and problem solving.

The development of innovative and efficient technologies for a sustainable leather making is part of the company's long-term strategy. These environmentally friendly solutions include the traditional vegetable tanning, chrome free and metal free leather systems, eco-design of chemicals and processes to reduce carbon footprint and the discharge of pollutants in waste water.

From its origins, Silvateam has always been concerned about environmental conservation as part of its commitment to use natural resources efficiently and to implement sustainable development policies, focusing on energy saving during production processes and optimizing the use of raw materials.

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