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Pim Wilgenburg

Pim Wilgenburg

Strategy & New Business Developer

Smit & zoon

Product Passport – Transparency in Chemistry

Smit & zoon, global supplier of leather chemicals, recently launched its Product Passport: An easy-to-use overview of the effect leather chemicals have on both leather and the environment. Based on this information, tanneries are able to choose their chemicals more wisely, resulting in high quality leather with a minimal environmental impact.

By offering this new level of transparency, Smit & zoon wants to set an example and play a leading role in initiating and boosting CSR throughout the leather value chain. By collaborating and joining forces with other players in the leather value chain, Smit & zoon wants to make the leather industry fit for the future. Join us!


About Pim Wilgenburg

Pim Wilgenburg's career in the leather industry began in 1999, after completing his study in chemistry, when he started working as a chemist for the family-owned business Smit & zoon. Two years later, Pim completed a leather course at the Gerberschule Reutlingen in Germany and for four years, he was a leather technician supporting Smit & zoon's customers and agents.

In early 2005, Pim took on the role of Product Manager responsible for Smit & zoon's wet-end product portfolio. Ten years later, following successful completion of studies at Nyenrode Business University, Pim shifted his career once again. This time towards the future development of Smit & zoon as Strategy & New Business Developer. Both strategy and future businesses of the company are strongly entwined within the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility. Pim is therefore also a member of the Smit & zoon CSR board, a workgroup that coordinates all CSR activities of Smit & zoon.

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Pim Wilgenburg

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