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BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd. (BLC) is a world leading independent leather technology centre and testing laboratory based in Northampton, United Kingdom. BLC holds accreditations from UKAS, CPSC, and ILAC, and has auditors approved to carry out LWG audits.

Established for over 95 years, BLC provides a complete range of supply chain services to the leather industry, covering all areas from raw material through to finished product. BLC works closely with brands, retailers, product manufacturers and tanneries in many countries around the world.

As the only laboratory dedicated to leather, footwear, chemical, and leather product testing, BLC has the technical pedigree to ensure fast and accurate solutions to technical, environmental or management problems in the leather supply chain.

BLC believe that success and growth are built on strong business relations, which is why we provide BLC membership to tanners, manufacturers, retailers and brands throughout the supply chain. Members of BLC can access technical support and advice on a vast range of materials including leather, textiles, metals, plastics and rubbers, as well as guidance and support across all relevant regional and international legislations from a dedicated Chemical and Regulatory Advisor.


BLC Leather Supply Chain Services


For more information about BLC products and services, visit or contact BLC directly to discuss on +44 (0)1604 679999 or email BLC [email protected].

Important Note: There is often confusion with the company name – ‘BLC’ is not an abbreviation and the organisation should be referred to as ‘BLC’ or ‘BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd.’ 

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BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd

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