What is the Leathermark?

Leathermark is a certified trademark; well recognised by consumers, to identify genuine leather. 


Why use the Leathermark on your products?

The Leathermark is used as a successful marketing tool by many brands to promote their genuine leather products in the UK.

The Leathermark can be used on leather products such as:


Only Eurofins | BLC Members or suppliers to Eurofins | BLC Members can use the Leathermark, and have a unique registration number in order to use it on products to be retailed in the UK. All testing that arrives at Eurofins | BLC for Leathermark testing must clearly state which company you are supplying to on your test request form.


Eurofins | BLC Membership Benefits


Why use the Leathermark?

Eurofins | BLC holds exclusive licensing rights for the Leathermark in the UK and must approve all products before they can legally carry the Leathermark.

Globally, the Leathermark logo is held by different bodies however in the UK, Eurofins | BLC are the licensees of the Leathermark, which means your product cannot legally bear the logo without being approved by us.

If Eurofins | BLC becomes aware of products that are being retailed within the UK with the Leathermark that have not been verified, we will request the removal of the Leathermark from these products. Failure to comply will result in prosecution.


How long does the Leathermark verification take?    


Turnaround Time



4 working days



2 working days

£Quotation + 50%


Next day service*

£Quotation + 100%


*Please enquire about our next day service, available on a case-by-case basis. All samples for next day testing must be received by 10am of the agreed testing date.


Eurofins | BLC Leather Testing & Verification Services

As experts within the leather industry, Eurofins | BLC provides a wide range of leather tests for leather products, samples, and wet blue. Eurofins | BLC can also help your business solve leather production and product problems.

Eurofins | BLC’s leather testing and problem-solving services, include:

Please read our testing terms and conditions.

World-leading leather testing experts

With all this knowledge, support and experience at your fingertips, who better to test your leather than Eurofins | BLC?.

At Eurofins | BLC, we have the technical pedigree in leather technology to provide fast accurate solutions to technical, environmental or management problems in the leather supply chain.

We understand the challenges associated with making leather and supplying products to leather manufacturers and retailers.

We are conscious of changing customer attitudes towards traceability in the leather supply chain, as well as the consumer's high demand for increasing quality balanced with competitive prices.

Therefore, manufacturers and suppliers are under pressure to deliver leather faster, in smaller quantities, and of consistent quality.


For Leathermark testing, Eurofins | BLC provides:

  • Fast turnaround times - leathermark verification results available in 4 working days
  • A fully comprehensive and easy to understand Leathermark report
  • Technical back up and support from leather product and supply chain experts in the UK
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • An assured pedigree with 100 years' of experience


Become a Eurofins | BLC Member and access:

  • Discounted prices
  • Priority testing allocation
  • Access to advanced technical support


Eurofins | BLC Membership Benefits

Technical Information on Eurofins | BLC Leathermark Verification

To ensure that your product complies with the Eurofins | BLC Leathermark requirements, the product must be made of at least 80% leather. That could be the upper of a shoe (excluding the lining), a leather jacket (excluding the lining), or a leather bag.

Once the product has been tested and approved, the product is then able to bear the Leathermark logo on its tag.


Leathermark Global Registration List

The Leathermark Registration of Summaries can be found on the Leather Council website at:

Our Accreditations

Eurofins | BLC holds accreditations from UKAS and CPSC and has auditors approved to carry out LWG audits. Trust Eurofins | BLC to deliver some of the most accurate test results in the industry.

View our Accreditations


"Membership allowed us to use the expertise of Eurofins | BLC to improve our suppliers' environmental performance."

Clarks International

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"Eurofins | BLC Membership allows us to develop innovative high quality raw materials in order to continue our product improvement programme."


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"All parts of the leather training course were relevant and very informative. I now have a new appreciation for leather!"

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"Smart chemical testing of wet blue saves our business time and money."

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“10 years of Eurofins | BLC Membership has enabled us to provide continuous assurance of product quality and safety, giving our customers greater confidence in our products.”


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"Through Eurofins | BLC Membership, we have access to technical support for leather product testing, helping us to provide more efficient services to our customers."

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"I enjoyed all of the leather course as a chemist I wanted to understand the whole process of making leather."

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"I became a Member to take advantage their specification building services and 1-2-1 regulatory advice."

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"I enjoyed the combination of theoretical and practical training on the 4-day leather course."


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"We thought every part of the Eurofins | BLC leather course was very informative and interesting."

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"We were very impressed by the speaker on the leather training course who had excellent knowledge of the subject."


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