Nickel Testing - Release Testing

Nickel testing for hardware, jewellery and metal skin contact products via release test methods to BS EN 1811:2011 +A1: 2015.

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AnchorCert Protect

Eurofins | BLC carry out AnchorCert Protect, a UKAS accredited testing methodology that identifies and measures a suite of 16 metallic elements that may cause Allergic Contact Dermatitis.

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Hardware & Jewellery Lead Testing

Test your products for lead with Eurofins | BLC to CPSC method 16CFR1303 for lead testing and extractable lead testing as part of EN71 (Part 3).

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Hardware & Jewellery Cadmium Testing

With Eurofins | BLC, you can test your products for cadmium to the cadmium directive EN71-3 (migration of elements) and Proposition 65.

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All Chemical Tests for Hardware & Jewellery

Eurofins | BLC carry out a wide range of chemical tests to regional, international and global methods which are accredited by UKAS, ILAC and CPSC.

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REACH Testing – Annex XVII and SVHC’s

If your retailing or manufacturing products in the European Union, you should carry out REACH testing to ensure legislative compliance.

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Hardware & Jewellery Performance Testing

Test your watches, jewellery, fasteners, metal components, mobile phone and tablet cases, metal homeware items and children’s toys.

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Corrosion & Tarnishing

At Eurofins | BLC, we provide diagnostic testing to identify any causes and solutions to one of the most common defects on hardware.

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Fault Diagnosis for Hardware & Jewellery

Of course, from time to time some things go wrong and you need to know why. Eurofins | BLC offers a comprehensive diagnostic service.

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