Eurofins | BLC Formaldehyde Testing, Analysis and Detection

Eurofins | BLC can carry out UKAS accredited formaldehyde testing in leather, textile and related products:

  • Chemical Determination of formaldehyde content in leather (HPLC) BS EN ISO 17226-1:2019
  • Colorimetric determination of formaldehyde content in leather BS EN ISO 17226-2:2019
  • Formaldehyde in textiles (free and hydrolysed) BS EN ISO 14184-1:2011
  • Formaldehyde in textiles (released) BS EN ISO 14184-2:2011


Why do you need formaldehyde testing?

Although formaldehyde is an incredibly useful chemical, there are known ecological and toxicological risks associated with exposure and handling, particularly in industrial and laboratory-based environments. In concentrated forms, formaldehyde is an irritant and a highly reactive, flammable and toxic substance that should be handled in controlled manner. Therefore, formaldehyde testing is necessary for product compliance due to the chemical being restricted globally according to the material type, product and end consumer (i.e. adult or child, in skin contact, etc) with the acceptable limits for children being significantly lower than those for adults.

Formaldehyde restrictions are one of the key examples of how variable the legislation can be. Brands and retailers commonly impose restrictions, setting limits in the region of 20-200ppm depending on end use on their Restricted Substance Lists (RSLs).


How is formaldehyde used in manufacturing?

The versatility of formaldehyde is vast and although naturally occurring, formaldehyde can also be manufactured synthetically and is used in many different products and industries to aid in the synthesis of various polymers and chemicals. Some of the sectors which use formaldehyde chemistry include: leather, textiles, medicine, cosmetics, coatings, paper, and adhesives.


There are different forms of formaldehyde:

  • Free formaldehyde refers to the level of formaldehyde gas dissolved in or weakly bound to a chemical or leather.
  • Formaldehyde release potential refers to the ability of a chemical to release formaldehyde after undergoing hydrolysis (the breakdown of molecular bonds using water as a reactant). 


How long does formaldehyde testing take?



Turnaround Time



5 working days



3 working days

£Quotation + 50%

Next Day

1 day*

£Quotation + 100%









*Please note, samples must be received by 10am for next day testing to take place.


Eurofins | BLC Chemical Testing & Analysis

Chemical testing and analysis are conducted at Eurofins | BLC's internationally accredited chemical testing laboratory based in the UK, which is accredited by UKAS (0076), ILAC and CPSC (1049) for BS, EN and ISO standards, including ISO 17025.

At Eurofins | BLC, we offer one of the fastest chemical testing turnaround times in Europe, with a faster lead-time option available on selected routine chemical testing.


Below is a list of our most frequently requested chemical tests:


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Frequently Asked Questions About Formaldehyde Testing

How can formaldehyde content be restricted depending on ‘end use’? What does this mean?

Formaldehyde testing of a product to a specific set of regulations depends on the end use of the product. For example, a children’s product will be tested to a stricter set of limits than a finished product aimed at adults, and likewise for products that may come into contact with the skin as opposed to products that do not.


Formaldehyde testing must be carried out under which international chemical regulations?

Formaldehyde is restricted across a number of international chemical regulations and therefore formaldehyde testing must be carried out under the appropriate geographical regulation. This may include:

  • California Proposition 65
  • China Guobiao (GB) Standards
  • Japanese Law 112
  • South Korea KC Mark (which is similar to the European CE Mark)


Why do the limits for formaldehyde set by brands and retailers differ from chemical legislation?

Brands and retailers use a Restricted Substances List (RSL) to test finished articles for chemical compliance purposes. While international legislation differs for formaldehyde limits depending on end use, brand and retailers can set their own limits which usually have a concentration equal to or less than the prescribed legislation.

Formaldehyde is not currently restricted under Annex XVII of REACH but many manufacturers, brands and eco-labels are restricting in end products as part of corporate social responsibility. In some cases, manufacturers and brands work to the stricter limits prescribed by China GB legislation whether their products are intended for that market or not.

Formaldehyde limits are also different between leather and textiles.


Do you need advice on including formaldehyde on your brand or retailer Restricted Substance List (RSL)?

Eurofins | BLC provides a range of chemical, material, and product specification support, so if your business needs the advice of how best to include formaldehyde on your RSL, contact Eurofins | BLC today on +44 (0) 1604 679 999 or email [email protected]


Eurofins | BLC Provide Leading Chemical Testing Services for Consumer Products

At Eurofins | BLC, chemical testing is carried out in an internationally accredited testing laboratory, which holds accreditations from UKAS (0076), CPSC (1049) and ILAC.

Eurofins | BLC are proud to work with a wide variety of organisations around the world from chemical companies and product manufacturers to brands and retailers, testing a diverse range of consumer products.

Customers of Eurofins | BLC benefit from fast testing turnaround times and one of the highest levels of customer service in the industry.

To ensure that Eurofins | BLC delivers some of the most accurate results in the industry, Eurofins | BLC regularly participates in proficiency testing programmes


For formaldehyde testing services, Eurofins | BLC provides:

  • Chemical testing at an internationally accredited testing laboratory in the UK
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast chemical testing turnaround times - most test results available within 3-5 days working days
  • Both the testing and the understanding of the results provided
  • In the event of a failure, our chemical specialists can talk you through the results and provide recommendations for improvement
  • A comprehensive and easy to understand test report
  • Technical back up and support from chemical testing experts
  • Chemical compliance and product safety training courses for your staff


Become a Eurofins | BLC Member and access:

  • Discounted chemical testing prices
  • Online access to the Eurofins | BLC SVHC Risk Matrix and the Guide to Managing Chemicals (Eurofins | BLC RSL specification)
  • Access to advanced chemical support through the technical concierge service


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Our Accreditations

Eurofins | BLC holds accreditations from UKAS and CPSC and has auditors approved to carry out LWG audits. Trust Eurofins | BLC to deliver some of the most accurate test results in the industry.

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