All Chemical Testing & Analyses

Our internationally accredited chemical testing laboratory provides a wide range of tests to BS, EN, ISO, and other regulatory standards. Our testing services offer clear results, excellent customer service, and technical support.

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MRSL Testing – Chemical Formulations & ZDHC

Our chemical laboratory offers MRSL testing to customer-specific and ZDHC MRSLs. Your business can gain ZDHC compliant chemical formulations for use in manufacturing leather, textiles, plastics, rubber, and more.

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Chemical Testing for Legislation & Compliance

Eurofins | BLC provide chemical testing of consumer products to international chemical legislation and technical support.

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RSL Testing – Restricted Substance List Testing

RSL testing for brands and retailers quantifies the chemical content of products and samples against your customer's RSL and MRSL.

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REACH Testing & Screening Services

REACH testing to identify restricted substances in products retailed, manufactured, imported or distributed within the European Union.

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Chromium VI testing chrome vi in leather

Test your leather products and samples to quantify the amount of chromium VI; a chemical which is restricted in several international regulations.

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Bisphenol Testing

Eurofins | BLC offers quick, reliable bisphenol testing and we are one of the fastest testing laboratories in Europe and can provide results within 3-5 working days. 

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We offer NPEO Testing on this group of endocrine disrupting chemicals known as Nonyl phenol ethoxylates. We also offer testing on Alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEOs).

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Azo Dyes Testing – Textiles and Leather

Azo dyes testing for textile, leather, and synthetic skin contact products and materials to BS, EN and ISO standards for azo testing.

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Formaldehyde Testing – Leather & Textiles

Formaldehyde testing is carried out on leather and textile products to identify the chemical content of formaldehyde for chemical compliance.

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Nickel Release Testing

Nickel testing of metal, hardware, watches, jewellery and homeware products to quantify nickel content for REACH compliance. 

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Lead Testing – Total & Extractable Content

Lead testing for leather, textile, metal, synthetics, glass, plastic, paint, and rubber products to identify lead and lead compounds.

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Cadmium Testing – Total & Extractable Content

Cadmium testing for metal, hardware and jewellery products to identify cadmium content for chemical compliance with legislation.

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Wet Blue Testing – Chemical Testing

Eurofins | BLC conducts chemical testing of wet blue for tanning ingredient fluctuations, causing variations post tanning and dyeing.

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PFOS Testing to 1µg/m2 – Leather & Textiles

PFOS testing by Eurofins | BLC allows you to test to 1µg/m2 for leather and textile products, including shoes, bags, garments, and accesssories.

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