Chemical Testing

Eurofins | BLC chemical testing covers leather, textile, hardware, plastics and whole products such as footwear, bags, belts, and watches.

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Performance Testing

Make sure your products and materials are fit for purpose and live up to customer expectations. Eurofins | BLC quality tests leather, textiles and more...

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Footwear Testing

At Eurofins | BLC, we offer a wide range of footwear testing and can test in line with CEN, ISO, TM standards on footwear.

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Flammability Testing

Eurofins | BLC can test a variety of domestic and non-domestic products to UK, Irish, EU and US flammability regulations.

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Upholstery Testing

Eurofins | BLC offer a complete range of upholstery testing on fabric, leather and flammability testing on fabrics and foams.

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Hardware & Jewellery

Eurofins | BLC provides a variety of jewellery and hardware product testing, including physical tests, nickel, and heavy metals, plating and wear tests.

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Chrome VI Support Services

At Eurofins we offer a variety of Chrome VI Support Services including testing to BS EN ISO 17075 (Standard & Ageing tests), Tannery and Manufacturing Audits, Technical Services and Training for Manufacturers, Brand and Retailers. 

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Personal Protective Equipment Testing

Eurofins | BLC offers a rapid, reliable PPE testing service and offers UKMA and CE marking on protective clothing, safety shoes and protective gloves.

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Leather Testing & Verification

Eurofins | BLC conducts a leather tests, species testing, leather verification and Leathermark use on retail products in the UK.

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Wet Blue Testing

Eurofins | BLC conducts quality testing of wet blue for tanning ingredient fluctuations, causing variations post tanning and dyeing.

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California Proposition 65

Prop 65 testing is carried out by risk assessing products, then identifying chemicals and any product compliance issues.

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