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We offer a Cotton Due Diligence Program that you can use to take control of the cotton challenges in your supply chain. The program consists of three components:


Import Regulations

Importing cotton goods into certain regions around the world requires evidence of cotton origin.  This evidence is based on your knowledge of the cotton supply chain from manufacturing the cotton product up the supply chain to raw material origin. 

Whilst specific customs and border protection authorities demand slightly different documentation, a cotton due diligence program will normally require evidence of a mapped supply chain, supported by cotton testing and, where appropriate engagement with supply chain through on-site audits.

Where the importer cannot provide the appropriate information, there is significant risk that shipments may be detained until the evidence is supplied, or eventually refused entry.


Cotton Due Diligence Program

Eurofins | BLC Cotton Due Diligence Program can support with creating rebuttable presumption evidence to be used with customs and border authorities. This Program has three core components:


  • Risk-Mapped Supply Chain - Identifies raw materials origin, potential risks and a supplier code of conduct
  • Isotope Testing - Independent verification of cotton origin for suppliers identified with the supply chain
  • On-Site Audit - Audits supplier compliance specifically for supply regions identified as risk


In specific regions, all three core components may be required to import goods into that region.

Note: Whilst isotope testing is important evidence, many regions will only except this as part of a wider due diligence program. As a result, additional requirements including a full supply chain mapping exercise and on-site audits may be necessary. 


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I have a cotton product, can you tell me where it is from?

At Eurofins | BLC we provide accurate and reliable verification of cotton origins using advanced SIRA technology, ensuring transparency and traceability throughout your supply chain. The test is a verification against claimed origin. We can confirm or refute if a material comes from a named region.


What should I do if I don’t yet know where my cotton comes from?

You can start by asking your supply chain. A more comprehensive approach would be to undertake a risk mapped supply chain investigation that Eurofins | BLC can support you with. Our Risk-Mapped Supply Chain service gives you visibility over your supply chain. We work with you and directly with your suppliers to identify where your raw materials originate from, which organisations are involved in your complete supply chain and show the connections.


Is Eurofins | BLC Cotton Origin Isotope Testing a validated test?

The method is identical to the accredited test used in food origin testing. We are in the process of getting UKAS accreditation for the test.


How accurate is your Cotton Origin Isotope Testing?

The test is a highly accurate process that can determine closeness of sample isotope profile to the country reference sample to within very fine margins. We currently report similarity of sample to refer to within 0.1%. It is a well-established technique in the food security sector and isotope testing has been shown to be the most reliable and accurate.


How are your Cotton Origin Isotope Testing results delivered? Is this flexible?

We have a standard test report and are in the process of converting an online results dashboard that we have used in the food industry as a way of supporting clients to track and manage multiple results over time.


What size samples can you test?

We can sample full article or garment all the way down to Yarn – so can be flexible with sample size. We need a minimum of just 10g.


Where are you getting your reference samples from?

We work in partnership with a cotton industry association based in Europe that provide us with the samples. This ensures accuracy and independence of reference samples.


Do you have reference samples from high-risk regions?

We have reference samples from more than 40 cotton growing countries. Yes, we do have some reference samples recognized as higher risk regions, but we are more comfortable referring to the rich sample database we have for responsible sourcing regions.


How do you maintain your reference library?

Isotope profiles change over time. We are continually updating our reference library to ensure we can test against current growing cycles and we hold historic data for past years.

We work with a cotton industry association but can also test against customer reference samples if required.


What should I do if I get result that doesn’t match what I’m expecting?

We recommend you work constructively with your supplier to identify true source. Suppliers may be providing material in good faith, unaware of where their trader is sourcing.


Can your Cotton Origin Isotope Testing result be used to release detentions by customs?

We are compiling documentation to align with the US Customs and Border Protection requirements to show how the isotope test can be used to provide a reasoned and robust level of evidence to support origin claims.


What other materials are on your roadmap for testing?

We are also looking into Flax (for linen), Cellulose (for viscose) and natural rubber. This is still in the research phase so I am not yet able to provide you with any commercial timelines.


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To find out more email [email protected] or telephone +44 (0)1604 679999 and one of our experts will be happy to help.

Our Accreditations

Eurofins | BLC holds accreditations from UKAS and CPSC and has auditors approved to carry out LWG audits. Trust Eurofins | BLC to deliver some of the most accurate test results in the industry.

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