Risk-Mapped Supply Chain

Risk-Mapped Supply Chain, our industry leading traceability product, allows you to understand Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance of your supply chain and meet new legislation.  

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Cotton Due Diligence Program

We offer a Cotton Due Diligence Program that you can use to take control of the cotton challenges in your supply chain.

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Cotton Origin Verification Isotope Test

We provide accurate and reliable verification of cotton origins using advanced SIRA technology, ensuring transparency and traceability throughout your supply chain.

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Footwear Impact Calculator

We are delighted to announce the imminent launch of our new online tool to support brands, retailers, designers, technologists and sustainability managers in assessing sustainability impacts for footwear. 

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Chem-MAPĀ® MRSL Assessment System

Chem-MAP® is a suite of ZDHC approved chemical management systems for the materials supply chain. Chem-MAP® is a structured programme designed for chemical suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

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Vegan Verification of Materials

Vegan Verification is an innovative programme within the Eurofins | Chem-MAP® family which tests chemicals used in the manufacture of materials to establish whether any animal products or by-products have been used.

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Disintegration & Biodegradability Testing

Eurofins | BLC offers disintegration and biodegradability tests for leather, textiles, synthetics & plastics.

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Microplastics (Microfibre) Testing & Consulting

Eurofins | BLC has developed a microplastics test method that outlines how much microfibre shedding an object will release into water bodies.

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EcoSure Certification

The EcoSure Certification mark provides assurances that leathers are manufactured with good environmental stewardship and comply with the restricted substance requirements of the standard.

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Leather Working Group (LWG) Audits

Looking for a Leather Working Group (LWG) Audit for your tannery, leather production or trading site? At Eurofins | BLC we have approved auditors to audit against the LWG Environmental Audit Protocol.

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DNA Tracking

Eurofins | BLC and ADNAS are creating a pioneering DNA tagging solution to increase traceability in the leather supply chain.

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Eurofins Sustainability Services

Eurofins Sustainability Services offers a wide range of sustainable solutions for your whole product value chain to help you meet current international standards and safeguard the planet.

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