At BLC, our textiles knowledge and experience spans the supply chain and works in harmony with our services for leather and synthetic products. 

We provide product, materials and chemical testing, sustainability services, chemical compliance, fault diagnosis, arbitration, consulting, and training.

Textile Testing

At BLC, we conduct a variety of physical performance tests and chemical tests for textiles sample and products.

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All Chemical Testing & Analyses

BLC carry out a wide range of chemical testing and analyses to regional and international methods, accredited by UKAS, ILAC and CPSC.

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Flammability Testing

BLC provide flammability tests on filling materials, foams and fabrics, ensuring your products comply with current legislation.

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Failure Analysis

We'll investigate your product failures, including breakage, tarnishing, smell, chemicals, mould, colour change, fraudulent descriptions, etc.

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Chemical Management Services

BLC provides chemical management services to ensure your suppliers are managing and controlling their chemicals.

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Mould Contamination

Mould can easily grow on leather products and usually manifests itself after prolonged storage or shipping. We’ll identify and rectify the issue.

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Mould Audit for Leather Production Sites

BLC’s half-day mould audit assesses general factory conditions and gives recommendations for improvement, as well as best practice advice.

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