As a world leader in the leather industry, Eurofins | BLC’s leather services truly span the depth and breadth of the industry. Our services cover the entire leather supply chain, from the initial tanning process to product retail.

Leather Testing

Eurofins | BLC are experts in leather testing of finished articles and samples for product performance, quality and chemical compliance.

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All Chemical Testing & Analyses

Our internationally accredited chemical testing laboratory provides a wide range of tests to BS, EN, ISO, and other regulatory standards. Our testing services offer clear results, excellent customer service, and technical support.

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Wet Blue Testing

Eurofins | BLC conducts wet blue testing for tanning ingredient fluctuations, causing variations post tanning and dyeing.

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Chemical Management Audits

Eurofins | BLC provides chemical management audits to ensure your suppliers are managing and controlling their chemicals in line with legislation and ZDHC objectives while maximising worker safety and reducing RSL failures.

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MRSL Testing – Chemical Formulations & ZDHC

Our chemical laboratory offers MRSL testing to customer-specific and ZDHC MRSLs. Your business can gain ZDHC compliant chemical formulations for use in manufacturing leather, textiles, plastics, rubber, and more.

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Leather Problems & Faults

Our fault diagnosis service for leather makers helps you understand where processing has gone wrong and how to implement corrective actions.

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Failure Analysis - Leather, Textile & Synthetic

Product failure analysis identifies the cause of faults including breakage, tarnishing, smell, mould, colour change and more.

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Laboratory Certification & Audits

Eurofins | BLC offers certification of in-house physical testing laboratories. Our laboratory certification ensures that staff, laboratory equipment, test methods, and systems provide credible results.

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Leather Measurements

BLC's leather measurement service provides independent verification for measurement disputes and consistency in tannery production.

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Mould Contamination

Mould can easily grow on leather products and usually manifests itself after prolonged storage or shipping. We’ll identify and rectify the issue.

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Mould Audit for Leather Production Sites

The Eurofins | BLC half-day mould audit assesses general factory conditions and gives recommendations for improvement, as well as best practice advice for manufacturers and suppliers of leather and finished leather product.

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Leather Consulting & Auditing Services

At Eurofins | BLC, our leather consulting and auditing services span the entire supply chain from the tanning process through to storage for retail. Our consulting services can identify any manufacturing and processing issues.

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DNA Tracking in Leather

Eurofins | BLC and ADNAS have created a pioneering DNA tagging solution to increase traceability in the leather supply chain.

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6 2 3 Chrome VI Remediation

Eurofins | BLC supply the unique patented chemical formulation 6-2-3, which reduces the levels of chrome VI found within leather samples.

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