Eurofins | BLC offer a wide range of garment materials tests to ensure the performance of materials is as expected, maintaining high levels of product quality. These are designed to test the garments' suitability for wear and include finish adhesion, dry cleaning, tear strength, colour fastness, pH, rub fastness, etc. 

Leather Testing

Eurofins | BLC are experts in leather testing of finished articles and samples for product performance, quality and chemical compliance.

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Textile Testing

At Eurofins | BLC, we conduct a variety of physical performance tests and chemical tests for textiles sample and products.

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All Chemical Testing & Analyses

Chemical testing and analysis at Eurofins | BLC's accredited testing laboratory helps brands, retailers and manufacturers comply with chemical regulation.

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Leathermark Verification

As holders of licensing rights of the Leathermark, all goods must be tested by or on behalf of Eurofins | BLC Members in accordance to BS 2780:1983.

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Leather Verification

Our leather experts will determine whether your sample is genuine leather and the type, using our state of the art Scanning Electron Microscope.

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Chrome VI Testing – Chromium VI / Chrome 6

Chrome VI testing identifies levels of chromium VI / chrome 6 in leather products, samples and wet-blue using ion chromatography.

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Chrome VI Audits for Leather Manufacturers

Eurofins | BLC’s chrome VI audits assess and advise leather manufacturers, helping to reduce the risk of chrome VI formation in finished leather product.

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Mould Contamination

Mould can easily grow on leather products and usually manifests itself after prolonged storage or shipping. We’ll identify and rectify the issue.

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Mould Audit for Leather Production Sites

Eurofins | BLC’s half-day mould audit assesses general factory conditions and gives recommendations for improvement, as well as best practice advice.

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Hardware & Jewellery Faults

Eurofins | BLC can identify the cause of any corrosion and tarnishing hardware defects, as well as advise on other hardware product faults.

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Leather Problems & Faults

Our fault diagnosis service for leather makers helps you understand where processing has gone wrong and how to implement corrective actions.

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Failure Analysis - Leather, Textile & Synthetic

Product failure analysis identifies the cause of faults including breakage, tarnishing, smell, mould, colour change and more.

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