Your 2021 Online Training... Solved!

Your 2021 Online Training... Solved!

View our range of professional sustainability, chemical, and leather online courses below, all delivered by Eurofins | BLC technical experts.

Access anytime, anywhere. Discounted rates available for Eurofins | BLC Members. Email [email protected] to enrol.

Sustainability in the Leather Supply Chain
Standard Rate: £290 GBP*

This course focuses on the key aspects of leather and sustainability such as animal welfare, deforestation, exotic materials, chemical risk, and environmental impact. Attendees will gain an understanding of the potential risks to businesses, which is ideal for those who work in the leather industry, or sell leather articles, to manage risk and make informed business decisions.


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Chemical Compliance & Product Safety
Standard Rate: £290 GBP*

Manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers across the supply chain have a duty to protect consumers and the environment from exposure to harmful chemicals within their products. With various regional and international legislation, deciphering your business' chemical compliance can be challenging. This course will guide you through essential legislation that may affect your business and how you can ensure that you are compliant, in a simple step-by-step process.


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Understanding Leather
Standard Rate: £270 GBP*

Gain an overview of leather and the leather production process with this introductory course, covering the basics of leather making as well as the fundamentals of what you need to know before working with leather. Attendees will gain an understanding of everything from raw material, all the way through to finished product; this course is essential for those who are new to working with leather or need their leather knowledge refreshing.


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Why Online Training with Eurofins | BLC?

  • All our professional courses are delivered online
  • Access anywhere, anytime
  • Discounted rates available for Members
  • Save on travel costs
  • Keep your staff abreast of technical changes and hot topics within the industry


How to Enrol

Simply email [email protected] to enrol in an online course.

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11 January 2021

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