Why Attend a BLC Chemical Training Course?

Why Attend a BLC Chemical Training Course?

One Day Chemical Compliance & Product Safety Course

22nd May 2018 | New York, USA

In just over two months time, BLC's Lead Chemical & Regulatory Advisor will be presenting the One Day Chemical Compliance & Product Safety course in New York, in partnership with Norton Rose Fulbright. This is the third year BLC has presented with Norton Rose Fulbright, who offer insights in US consumer product regulation, chemical compliance and enforcement in tandem with BLC leather and chemical experts.

Regulatory and legislative obligations can be difficult to comprehend, and leaving yourself exposed is not an option, so this chemical compliance course provides you with the information you need to fully understand how to ensure compliance, including:

  • Up-to-the-minute chemical regulation news
  • Global chemical legislation made simple
  • Chemical and material specification and due diligence advice
  • Your company's obligations under various chemical legislation explained


Key Topics

  • Understanding the potential chemical risks in leather
  • Examine the commonly found restricted or banned chemicals
  • Where restricted chemicals are added in manufacture
  • Setting appropriate chemical limits and specifications
  • Global variations in legislation

For more information on this chemical compliance course, please see below, or get in touch with BLC's Training Team to book your place.

Discounted prices available for both members and non-members for bookings made before 31st March 2018.

Find out more and register your place today.

9 March 2018

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