Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

Do you provide any leather training courses?

We provide both online and in-house technical courses and webinars on leather training. Other topics include chemical compliance and management, sustainability, microplastics, mould management, and vegan verification. Our online courses can be accessed anywhere, anytime and stop and start whenever you like. A certificate is given once each course is completed.

Find out more on our Training and Events webpage


I need a flammability test on my mattress product?

Eurofins | BLC is accredited to test consumer products for flammability such as mattresses, small carpets, rugs and furniture.

Furniture flammability testing is carried out on outer covers (leather and textile), foams (slab, crumb and latex) and fillings (including non-foam), non-visible covers, and interliners.

Eurofins | BLC can also perform both UK and European cigarette and match testing to outer covers. Non-domestic furniture can also be tested for flammability.

Find out more on our Flammability Testing webpage


Why carry out wet blue testing?

While most testing is often carried out on finished products, many brands and retailers often carry out testing on materials during manufacture. By conducting wet blue testing, the hide is tested at a much earlier stage in the production process. Therefore, any potential contaminants or additives can be identified earlier and a solution created before the finished hide reaches the product manufacturing stage.

Access our Wet Blue webpage to find out more.


Why am I getting mould on my textile product?

Mould can easily grow on leather and textile products, and usually manifests itself after prolonged storage or shipping.

In most cases, mould is caused by more than one factor, mainly due to product handling and management failures at multiple points in the supply chain.

The damage caused to the product by mould can be substantial and with some moulds toxic to humans, it is often necessary to destroy the contaminated product.

Find out more in our Mould Contamination webpage


Where can I find cost effective chemical compliance testing?

Eurofins | BLC can provide fast, accurate, competitive, chemical testing of materials in the UK to specified MRSL and RSL lists.

Our recommended smart chemical testing system uses a simple model to manage risk and includes type tests for new suppliers, regular batch testing for existing suppliers and additional random chemical assessments to monitor process variations. 

Read more on our RSL Testing - Restricted Substance List Testing webpage


How do I check if there is nickel in my jewellery?

To ensure a high standard of product quality, at Eurofins | BLC, we advise all hardware and jewellery items to be tested as part of your due diligence process. As with all materials, hardware and jewellery should be specified for a particular end use and tested to ensure that it performs and is essential when manufacturing and retailing metal products to the global market place.

Depending on the type of metal product, a series of hardware and jewellery tests are required to ensure that products are safe, fit for purpose and compliant with legislation. 

Find out more access our Hardware and Jewellery Testing webpage


Can you help me with my footwear faults?

At Eurofins | BLC we regularly see a range of footwear related problems.

Common examples are:

  • Heel fatigue
  • Slip and fall issues
  • Cracking leather or synthetics
  • Colour transfer between materials 
  • Footwear construction failures, such as sole bond etc.

These issues can result in legal claims, commercial right downs, unsold stock and hours of internal man hours lost in trouble shooting.

Read more on our Footwear Faults webpage


How do I reduce the risk of Chrome VI in my leather?

Eurofins | BLC offers a chrome VI auditing service to assess and advise leather manufacturers, and to reduce the risk of chrome VI formation in finished leather products.

A chrome VI audit involves a detailed on-site assessment of the processes and chemistries by an experienced leather technologist.

Read more on our Chrome VI Support Service webpage


How do I verify my material is leather?

In order to correctly advertise and market your products as 'genuine leather', it is advised to verify your leather. At Eurofins | BLC, we verify your products to ensure the leather used is in accordance with BS 2780: 1983+A1:2013.

Eurofins | BLC has 100 years’ experience in the leather industry so who better to verify your leather than the leather experts?

Find out more on our Leather Verification webpage


How do I test if there are any chemicals listed in the ZDHC MRSL in my product?

MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substance List) testing packages are available from Eurofins | BLC that analyse chemical formations in accordance with ZDHC MRSL or customer specific MRSLs. 

Analysing chemical formulations through Eurofins | BLC MRSL testing services not only supports chemical compliance, but also drives responsible chemical management in your business.

Read more on our MRSL Testing Services webpage

15 April 2021

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