Practical Leather Technology

Practical Leather Technology

Mirroring theory with practical elements, this intensive 4 day leather technology course takes you through the leather making process in precise detail, which is ideal if you are heavily involved with leather manufacturing in your role.

Starting with raw hides/skins on day 1, you will understand key chemical and biological processes that preserve and tan the hide, as well as how to make different leather types and finishes, considering various applications of the material.

As a delegate, you will also have the opportunity to create your own piece of leather, understanding the theory behind the science throughout.

This course is 50% classroom and 50% practical and is only held in the UK.


Key Topics:


• Tan, dye and finish your own leather

• Hair removal, tanning & re-tannage

• Material management

• Eliminating technical tanning problems

• Practical finishing & colour matching


Venue: Eurofins | BLC Northampton UK Office

Date: 15-18 November 2021

Price: £1275.00 members (£1550.00 non members) plus VAT


Book your place by emailing [email protected]

9 September 2021

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