New Year, New 2019 Dates for Leather and Chemical Compliance Courses

New Year, New 2019 Dates for Leather and Chemical Compliance Courses

At Eurofins | BLC, we have recently published our 2019 leather and chemical compliance course dates, which are aimed at brands, retailers and leather manufacturers as well as members of the public who wish to learn more about how they can work with leather.

Our courses are delivered by experienced industry professionals who are also on-hand to provide attendees with advice on how to overcome day-to-day issues with leather and chemical compliance.


Popular Leather Courses

Whether you are new to leather, need a technical ‘top-up’ or require an intense practical training course, Eurofins | BLC has a series of leather courses to suit your needs:

Leather Course


Catering For

1 Day Understanding Leather 


Introductory course

Individuals who require an overview of leather such as marketers, designers, buyers, quality control, and retail staff.

2 Day Comprehensive Leather


Intermediate course with technical information

Individuals who work more closely with leather such as designers, buyers, quality control staff.

4 Day Practical Leather Technology


Advanced technical course with strong practical elements

Ideal for those who are heavily involved with leather, such as supply chain staff, tannery staff, leather buyers, footwear technologists or those who need to top up their leather technology knowledge.


Technical Leather Process Courses

If your business works closely with tanner, leather manufacturers and suppliers, Eurofins | BLC can provide you with enhanced technical courses which target specific manufacturing remits:


Leather Sustainability Course

Sustainability is at the forefront of any corporate agendas however if you are responsible for or work closely with sustainability professionals, where do you start with leather? Our 1 Day Sustainability in the Leather Supply Chain course provides delegates with an overview of the sustainability landscape for the leather industry.


2019 Chemical Legislation Courses

Chemical management is a key focus in many supply chains, so in order to support your business’ initiatives, Eurofins | BLC offer a number of chemical courses to help explain complex legislation:


Tailored Corporate Courses

At Eurofins | BLC, we are noted for providing bespoke solutions for customers around the world, and the same can be said for our leather and chemical courses. If your company requires a specific tailored course, we can deliver.

We work with companies to create agendas which, for example, could include technical elements of leather manufacturing as well as specific regulations for chemical compliance. You can choose the length of course and the venue, which can be a neutral location or on-site at your offices.

If you have staff stationed around the world, it can be difficult to hold training in a single location. At Eurofins | BLC, we can hold an online training webinar where all staff can attend in one place online and they also have the opportunity to ask questions. View further information about corporate courses online or get in touch through the training contact details below.


Discounted Rates for Members

Eurofins | BLC Members can receive up to 30% discount on training courses, including tailored corporate courses, among other benefits. You can view all Membership benefits online or email [email protected] to learn how your business can benefit from Eurofins | BLC Membership.


Get in Touch with Eurofins | BLC

Contact us to discuss your 2019 training requirements or to book on a leather or chemical compliance course. Email [email protected], call +44 (0) 1604 679 999 or complete the contact form at the bottom of this web page.

20 December 2018

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