New EU Restriction on Formaldehyde in Consumer Goods

New EU Restriction on Formaldehyde in Consumer Goods

A proposed restriction on formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasers in consumer products could affect many retail and manufacturing businesses within the European Union.

Formaldehyde release from wood is already restricted in many EU member states by release at 0.124 mg/m3, and there is now a proposal to extend the same restriction to all consumer goods across the EU. The proposal, submitted earlier this year, would come into force 12 months following its approval.

There is an exemption for textiles covered by the restriction on 33 CMR substances (Regulation (EU) 1513/2018), though this would not cover textile floor coverings (carpets, rugs etc.) or other textile items for the home. Further to this, there is no exemption to be applied for leather items based on the current proposal, however, comments have been submitted identifying that the proposal restricting skin sensitizing substances would also restrict formaldehyde in leather footwear and clothing at 75 ppm (the same level as textiles under Regulation (EU) 1513/2018).

The recommended test method to determine the release is EN 717-1:2004 Wood-based panels. Determination of formaldehyde release. Formaldehyde emission by the chamber method.


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14 June 2019

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