Join us for the 1 Day Understanding Leather Course in New York, June 2017

Join us for the 1 Day Understanding Leather Course in New York, June 2017

On 7th June 2017, BLC will be presenting the 1 Day Understanding Leather training course in partnership with Norton Rose Fulbright. 

This one day leather course will enhance your knowledge of leather and cover the basic fundamentals of leather and the leather production process. This improved understanding will help avoid problems when sourcing and specifying leather products as well as providing confidence when dealing with suppliers, manufacturers, and tanners.

Our signature course is designed to introduce you to leather, the various different types of leather and their performances, explain why we test leather and what it is that we're looking for, as well as taking you through the worst-case scenarios if something was to go wrong during production.

We’ve highlighted key topics from the course agenda in more detail below:


What do we make leather from and why?

Everyone knows what leather is and where it comes from. But the 1 Day Understanding Leather training course starts with an introduction to the variety of raw materials that leather is made from. The introduction continues with BLC explaining the difference between skin and hides, and looking at what materials are best for the broad spectrum of leather products.


Common defects found on leather

Leather comes from the skin and hides of animals; therefore, natural defects are to be expected. Quality begins at conception and covers the whole production cycle and this presentation looks at everything from the climate in which the animals were reared, to husbandry and disease.


Overview of the leather production process

A brief explanation of the leather production process is then given, covering everything from raw material management to leather finishing. Understanding the leather production process is necessary to identify common production faults and quality issues.


What are the different types of leather?

Common leather question we are asked on this training course are: 'Which type is best for which products?' and 'How do I know what ‘type’ my leather is?' BLC will provide you with an overview of the different types of leather and material performance, helping you understand which leather is best suited to your product’s needs.


How to identify and address leather product quality issues?

To ensure the overall performance of your products and to maintain quality, as well as customer expectations, BLC explains in detail potential product faults.  Our experienced speakers explore some of our most interesting case studies that have entered our UK-based laboratory at BLC, and identify leather product faults and how to address these common leather product quality issues.


US product safety information delivered by Norton Rose Fulbright

Norton Rose Fulbright will present US product safety information, which has a direct impact on your leather and leather related products. It is vital to carry out due diligence to ensure your products are compliant with US product safety laws, both at state and federal levels. This presentation also covers any updates to legislations and what they mean for your business.


Trending topics for the leather industry

The leather industry doesn't merely start and finish with the production of leather products. There are many topical issues and risk hotspots which affect the enire leather supply chain, including:

As brands and retailers are furthest downstream, often consumers look to brands and retailers to address these issues.


Ask your questions

You'll have the chance to ask our experienced industry presenters any questions you have regarding the course topics, or how any of the topics affects your day-to-day job and your business. You'll also have the opportunity to ask how BLC can help your business and supply chain.


Register your place today

More information about the 1 Day Understanding Leather Course.

BLC Members: $425 per delegate
Non-Members: $475 per delegate

10% discount is offered to both members and non-members if 3 or more delegates book their place at the same time.

Please complete our US course registration form if you want to book a place on a US training course. This applies to both BLC Members and non-members. Please read our training terms and conditions.

11 May 2017

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