Footwear Testing

Footwear Testing

Footwear Testing


At Eurofins | BLC we offer a wide range of footwear testing in accordance with CEN, ISO, TM and BS footwear standards across our testing laboratories. We work with brands, retailers and manufacturers within global supply chains to provide complete footwear solutions that are a perfect fit!

Our footwear testing services consist of whole shoe testing, leather, textiles, synthetic and alternative materials testing, component testing and fit assessments. In addition, we can carry out chemical testing for the presence of restricted substances on finished footwear and its component parts.


Physical testing for whole shoe and footwear component tests, including but not limited to:


  • Slip resistance
  • Sole bond
  • Flex resistance
  • Tear strength
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Colour fastness
  • Resistance to water spotting
  • Seam strength
  • Tarnishing and corrosion of metallic components
  • Washability
  • Heel attachment
  • Heel fatigue


Chemical testing against clients’ standards, industry standards and regulatory requirement e.g. EU & UK, REACH, US CPSIA and China GB:


  • AP/ APEOs
  • Azo dyes
  • Chromium VI
  • Formaldehyde
  • Heavy metals
  • Lead
  • Organotin compounds
  • Phthalates
  • VOCs


Fit Assessment for shoes for both children and adults. Provided by experienced and knowledgeable shoe fitters who are qualified by the Society of Shoe Fitters in the UK. The fit assessment services offer objective evaluation on the fitting performance of the shoe on live models. This is particularly important for children who are constantly growing where ill-fitting shoes could pose damages to their foot development.


Email [email protected] with your footwear testing enquiries and our footwear specialist will contact you with a solution.

9 March 2022

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