Fantastic Year For the Chem-MAP® Team


2019 was a fantastic year for the Chem-MAP® Team at Eurofins | BLC.


The team worked with over 200 companies in the leather, textile, and chemical industries on achieving better chemical management.


To highlight their achievements, this short video will give you valuable insight into the work that the team undertakes and how the Chem-MAP® Team can support your business in 2020.



About Chem-MAP®

Chem-MAP® is a ZDHC approved programme focused on the implementation of robust chemical management systems in the leather, textile, and synthetic materials supply chains.  Chem-MAP® supports businesses with MRSL and RSL management, actively reducing chemical risk within their supply chain.

Developed by Eurofins | BLC, Chem-MAP® prevents harmful chemicals from entering the materials supply chains, thereby protecting workers, consumers, and the environment.


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Our team has a wide range of experience in chemical risk management in the materials supply chain for the footwear and apparel sectors.  Their specialist knowledge includes conducting chemical management audits and risk assessments, reviewing chemical handling procedures, raw material processing (leather, textiles, and synthetics), chemical testing, MRSL testing of formulations, RSL testing and chemical compliance.

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25 February 2020

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30 June 2022

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