Exclusive Member Webinar 16 November 2023

Exclusive Member Webinar 16 November 2023

Join us for this exclusive Member Webinar, where our technical experts will provide an overview of the latest regulations impacting the consumer products sectors with a focus on both chemical compliance and sustainability.


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An insight into some of the latest chemical and sustainability legislation impacting footwear, accessories, apparel, toys and upholstery including:


Latest Chemical Updates:


  • The new Formaldehyde entry in Annex XVII of EU REACH


  • The draft regulation to replace the current EU Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC


  • The amendment of the Lead entry in Annex XVII of EU REACH


  • Updates to the EU REACH SVHC candidate list


Latest Sustainability Updates:


  • The new European Union’s Deforestation Regulation requiring operators and traders within the European Union market to provide evidence that their products are sourced from regions free from recent deforestation or any involvement in forest degradation specifically impacting on leather, rubber and wood commodities


Plus Q&A with the experts



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Your Eurofins | BLC Presenters:

Georgina Mawer: Head of Commercial

Georgina Mawer has been with Eurofins | BLC since June 2012 and is currently Head of Commercial responsible for the commercial output of the business through the testing laboratory and consulting services. Georgina works with the leather, textiles and synthetic sector in the imposition of sustainable chemistry within their supply chains. In addition, Georgina is the Technical Manager for Chem-MAP® Program; a ZDHC approved MRSL verification system where she helps to implement upstream chemical management systems within chemical companies, manufacturers, brands and retailers.


Peter Hughes: Head of Sustainability Business Development


Peter has over 15 years working in the field of sustainable development with applicable experience in private, third and public sector. Peter works with brands and suppliers to identify and manage sustainability risks, develop strategic responses and monitor and report progress. With a particular focus on supply chain traceability and sustainability strategy, Peter helps organisations in the apparel sector make measurable progress towards long term solutions in sustainability and effectively communicate the results.

Katrina Prior: Sustainable Chemistry Technical Lead


Katrina has worked at Eurofins | BLC for 3 years and is currently the Sustainability Chemistry Technical Lead. She has a background in Chemistry and has previously worked as an Analytical Chemist and in Chemical and Regulatory Support. Katrina now works with clients to help them understand legislation and technical information and creates sustainable solutions driven by emerging legislation for the apparel, footwear and upholstery industry.



6 November 2023

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