Do You Need Support with Material and Chemical Specifications?

Do You Need Support with Material and Chemical Specifications?

When it comes to manufacturing a consumer product, nearly all brands and retailers will provide manufacturers and their suppliers with a specification, as part of their quality management system to ensure consistency of product. However, there are different types of specification which are used in conjunction with each other, for example a specification for product materials is used in conjunction with a specification for chemical content.

Understanding and interpreting both chemical and material specifications can be complex, however through Eurofins | BLC Membership, we can provide your business with access to our own set of chemical and material specifications, as well as access to a service which allows your business to have a specification created or reviewed by an independent third party.


Access to Eurofins | BLC Materials and Chemical Specifications

Our member only material and chemical specifications cover a range of consumer products made from a variety of materials including leather, textiles, synthetic materials, metals and rubber, as well as materials that have a special finish such a foil or metallic leather.


Materials Specifications

Through Membership, we can support your business with specifications covering the quality and performance requirements of materials in the following sectors:

  • Leathergoods
  • Footwear
  • Upholstery
  • Textile Handbags
  • Watch, watchstraps & jewellery
  • Garments
  • Hardware
  • Fingerprinting
  • Automotive
  • Aviation


View All Materials Specifications


Chemical Specifications

Eurofins | BLC Members can also access chemical specifications to support the management of restricted substances in product:

  •    Eurofins | BLC Guide to Managing Chemicals in Product (login to download)
  •    Restricted Substances in Wet Blue
  •    Restricted Substances in Wet White


Manufacturing Problem Solving Service: Footwear Case Study

The entire supply chain uses specifications for each stage of raw material and product manufacture, however post initial checks, there is a risk that changes in production could be made that impact the overall product quality.

For example, a simple change of internal filler material in the heel of the shoes in the image below caused severe colour migration which affected the outer material on the heels. The black dye in the right-hand sample was unstable and migrated through layers of material into the white PVC outer, giving it black spots. This shows the importance of testing production samples.


Colour migrating out of wedge heel into PU outer

Image above: Cause of colour migration to PU outer revealled in sample wedge heels.


Contact Eurofins | BLC for Specification Support and Fault Diagnosis Services

If you are already a Eurofins | BLC Member and would like to request access to a specification or conduct a review your specifications, please email or call +44 (0) 1604 679 999. Alternatively, you can contact us to find out how your business can become a Eurofins | BLC Member.


You can also contact us to discuss any manufacturing or production issues with one of our experts at Eurofins | BLC.

3 January 2019

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