BLC Summer Training Programme

BLC Summer Training Programme

This summer, why not join us at one of our technical training courses or a webinar?

Our specialist BLC training courses and cover the materials properties and manufacturing processes of leather, chemical compliance and product safety, sustainability in the leather supply chain, and all you need to know about leather accessories. You can also join us for a mould in product webinar, which is FREE for BLC Members.


Mould in Product Webinar

25th May: Online at 15:00 GMT

As part of our Problem Solving service, mould in product is one of the most common problems we see. Preventing mould affecting your products is simple, it’s just making sure you know the measures on how effectively prevent it.

This webinar will look at what mould is, how it survives and what makes products susceptible to it. Our Chemical and Regulatory Advisor will also take you through the ways and means of preventing mould in the various stages of production and how the problem can be remediated.

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1 Day Understanding Leather Training

  • 7th June: New York, USA
  • 13th June: Northampton, UK
  • 1st August: Northampton, UK

1 Day Understanding Leather is our most popular leather training course. This summer, we're also running this training course in the New York, United States of America, in partnership with Norton Rose Fulbright. The 1 Day Understanding Leather training course offers a concise overview of the leather making process, covering everything from raw material to finished product. By attending this leather training course, you will learn about the production of leather, the various leather types, and material performance, as well as the types of testing required for your leather products to comply with regional and global legislation.

UK Training Course US Training Course


1 Day Chemical Compliance & Product Safety 

14th June: Northampton, UK

Key Topics:

  • Understanding the potential risks in leather
  • Examine the commonly found restricted or banned chemicals
  • Where restricted chemicals are added in manufacture
  • Setting appropriate chemical limits and specifications
  • Global variations in legislation

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1 Day Sustainability in the Leather Supply Chain

06th July: Northampton, UK

Key Topics:

  • An overview of the common leather types and which animals they come from
  • Environmental impacts and appropriate stewardship
  • Chemical management and risks within the process
  • NGO activity and the leather life cycle

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1 Day Leather Accessories Training Course    

11th July: Northampton, UK

Key Topics:

  • Overview of the leather accessories manufacturing process
  • Identifying common problems and solutions relating to leather accessories
  • Construction issues and solutions
  • Buying questions - what you should be asking
  • Understanding leather types and descriptions

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18 May 2017

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