Bisphenol Testing - Get ahead of the curve!

Bisphenol Testing - Get ahead of the curve!

Get ahead of the curve with your Bisphenol Testing


Until recently, the attention surrounding Bisphenols has largely been related to their use in food contact materials and the associated regulations in place to prevent this. However, we are now seeing an increased focus on the use of bisphenols in the leather and textile industry.

While Bisphenol A is specifically targeted when regulating food contact materials, Bisphenol F and S are much more likely to be an area of consideration for the leather and textile industry. Within leather processing, Bisphenol S is used in the production of synthetic tanning chemicals whereas Bisphenol F and S can both be produced as unwanted by-products. Furthermore, Bisphenol A can be used as an intermediate chemical in the manufacture of some dyes used in the processing of textiles.


Bisphenol A was added to the substances of very high concern (SVHC) candidate list in January 2018 due to its reprotoxic and endocrine-disrupting qualities, however Germany have since submitted an intention to restrict Bisphenol A in articles. If accepted, this restriction would cover:


  • Restricting the use as an additive and the content in articles (0.02% by weight).

  • Restricting content of residues in articles – also for imported goods (0.02% by weight).

  • Restricting the use of mixtures with content of 0.02% by weight for industrial and professional uses where strictly controlled conditions cannot be assured, e.g. in non-automated processes and for consumer uses.

  • Introducing release rates for BPA from articles during service life preventing release into the environment and/or migration to organisms.



The scope of this restriction is also set out to address those alternative bisphenols with similar environmental concerns that have been used as a substitute for bisphenol A (BPA).

Whilst the effects of this EU proposal may still be some way off, the US are already starting to see some movement in this area with the first 60-day notice on Bisphenol A in textile being issued in September 2021. It is therefore important to consider whether these chemicals are a cause for concern within your supply chain.


How can BLC help?


  • REACH SVHC testing and screening service – testing for the presence of substances included in the latest published SHVC list, including BPA.
  • Testing for Bisphenols including BPA, BPF, BPS, BPAF, BPB and BPD.


Contact us my email [email protected] or phone +44 (0) 1604 67999.

22 March 2022

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