Are Your Products Genuine Leather?

Are Your Products Genuine Leather?


Verifying whether your products are genuine leather.

In order to correctly promote and market your products as 'genuine leather'  we would advise you to verify your leather.

At Eurofins | BLC, we can verify your products to ensure the leather used is in accordance with BS 2780: 1983+A1:2013.

We have 100 years’ experience in the leather industry -  so who better to verify your leather than the leather experts?


Leathermark use in the UK

Once you have your leather verified, it is possible to be able to use the Leather Mark logo on your products. 

For an annual fee, you will be able to place the Leather Mark logo on your products to show consumers that they are purchasing genuine leather. 

Alternatively, you can become a full  Eurofins | BLC Member where you will receive numerous benefits including the use of the Leather Mark on your products.

Leathermark Verification


Species testing for leather products

Leather verification testing does not tell you what species of animal have been used in the production of your leather. Eurofins | BLC does, however, offer species testing separately. Many of our customers pair up leather verification testing with our species testing, so you can confirm what animal your leather comes from.

Species Testing


Eurofins | BLC Leather Testing & Verification Services

As experts within the leather industry, Eurofins | BLC provides a wide range of leather tests for leather products, samples, and wet blue. We can also help your business solve leather production and product problems.

Leather testing and problem-solving services include:


To speak to one of our Consultants: +44 (0) 1604 679999  or  [email protected]


11 February 2020

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