Are vegan alternatives to leather sustainable?

Are vegan alternatives to leather sustainable?

The term ‘vegan leather’ is increasingly being used to describe materials promoted as an alternative to leather, but there is a significant debate around the suitability of these materials.

Peter Hughes, Sustainability Lead from Eurofins | BLC will present a discussion on sustainability and vegan alternatives to leather at the Leather & Sustainability in Retail Conference 2018 taking place in central London on 15th November. The presentation will include an overview of components to ‘vegan leathers’, an outline of some of the challenges these materials face including labelling and a summary of what it means to be a ‘sustainable’ material.

The discussion will be aimed at those involved in material selection who want to understand the materials options available to them. The purpose will be to shed some light on some often-misunderstood arguments and target mis-information in the industry. There is evidence that consumers are increasingly asking about vegan alternatives to leather and it is important for those responsible for making material selections that are informed on the impacts of the material options available to them.

Delegates at the event will have the opportunity to join the conversation around vegan alternatives to leather through the panel discussion where they can put their questions directly to the contributors to the event. Networking opportunities will mean that delegates can discuss emerging consumer trends with their peers to help inform their decision making.

Find out more about ‘vegan leather’ alternatives by attending the conference on the 15th November in Central London: Click here to register online today


About Peter Hughes, Sustainability Lead at Eurofins | BLC

Peter leads the development of Eurofins | BLC Sustainability Services through expanding commercial opportunities, delivering specialist communication support to clients and implementing traceability systems for global supply chains. Peter is also involved with bespoke projects around circularity of leather and other materials, research into emerging material innovations for the sector and measuring the environmental impact of materials. 

Read Peter’s Speaker Profile


Eurofins | BLC - Leading the Way in Sustainability for the Leather Sector

At Eurofins | BLC our technical pedigree in the leather sector is unparalleled. We provide accredited testing, fault diagnosis, consulting, auditing and training for the entire the leather supply chain. We are also pioneering new technologies including the development of new materials as alternatives to leather for commercial production and a DNA traceability system.

Our unique position in the sector means that we can provide a complete technical risk management solution. Our expert teams advise and guide brands, retailers, manufacturers and chemical suppliers across a wide variety of industry sectors.

Eurofins | BLC also co-host two annual sustainability conferences, in London and Hong Kong respectively, which focus on current and relevant sustainability issues for the sector.

Eurofins | BLC is a leading global brand within the leather industry with a reputation built on over 95 years of experience.


About the Leather and Sustainability in Retail Conference 2018

Co-organised by ILM and Eurofins | BLC, the Leather & Sustainability in Retail Conference 2018 is predicted to be a popular event with attendees from across the leather industry. A key theme of the conference will include ‘sustainable raw materials’, and the event will touch on topics such as; innovation around raw materials for leather. This year’s conference will be considering new materials coming to market and look at transparency and traceability of production within existing processes. Stahl are the lead sponsors of the event and other confirmed speakers including Hotter, Modern Meadow, ZDHC and Marks and Spencer. The half-day event will take place at One Great George Street, Westminster, London and remaining delegate places are limited.

View the agenda and event information.

Register your place online.


If you have any questions about the Leather & Sustainability in Retail Conference 2018 or if you would like to book via invoice, email [email protected] or call +44 (0)1604 679 999.

1 November 2018

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