'Fur' or 'Faux'? Test Your Products with BLC

'Fur' or 'Faux'? Test Your Products with BLC

At BLC, we can test many types of consumer products for authenticity to determine whether the leather and fur content is real or faux. 

The issue of real fur being marketed and sold as faux fur in the UK and Europe has gained more recent exposure to the general public through Sunday's broadcast of the BBC Countryfile television programme in the UK.

At BLC, we are urging brands, retailers, manufacturers and suppliers to carry out regular and independent product verification as part of a structured due diligence testing programme.


Leather Testing & Verification Services

Fur Testing & Verification for Clothing, Footwear and Accessories
If your company needs to identify whether fur used in a consumer product is real or fake, this fur verification service provides you with a conclusive report.

Physical Leather Tests to Determine Product Performance
Ensure your leather products meet industry standards for performance. BLC carries out a wide variety of physical leather testing in this area.

Leather Verification - Is your product made from real leather?
If there are concerns over the origins of the materials used in your consumer product, then BLC can test it to establish whether the material is real leather or not.

Provide Assurance to UK Consumers by Displaying the Leathermark
As holders of licensing rights of the Leathermark, all goods must be tested by or on behalf of BLC members in accordance to BS 2780:1983 to display this mark.

Species Testing to Verify the Species of Animal Your Leather is From
Knowing that your leather is genuine is one thing, but if you need to know what animal species your leather is from, BLC can help.


Concerned About Material Origins? Talk to BLC

If your company would like to find out how to create a structured due diligence testing programme or to find out more about leather and fur verification, contact BLC today on +44 (0)1604 679 999 or email info@blcleathertech.com

19 February 2018

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