Eurofins | BLC leather consulting services can support and develop your retail and manufacturing supply chain.

Eurofins | BLC provides a wide range of consulting and auditing services for the leather supply chain, from sourcing to retail. With 100 years of industry experience, Eurofins | BLC is the perfect company to offer you consulting support and expertise for your leather production needs.


Eurofins | BLC Leather Consulting & Auditing Services

Audits Against the Leather Working Group (LWG) Environmental Standard
Eurofins | BLC have a number of LWG approved auditors to provide audits against the LWG Environmental Auditing Standard for tanneries and leather manufacturers around the world. 


Laboratory Audits and Certification Services
As a world-leading independent research and technology centre, Eurofins | BLC provides an audit and certification service for physical testing laboratories globally, following the principles of good laboratory management.

Eurofins | BLC's laboratory audit and certification service is primarily aimed at in-house laboratories in the footwear, apparel and consumer goods sectors.


Mould Audits for the Production and Distribution of Leather Product
Eurofins | BLC can carry out mould audits to assess general factory conditions such as; cleanliness, contamination level, storage, moisture control, packaging, raw material stock control and give recommendations for improvement and use of best practice.


Chrome VI Audits
Eurofins | BLC offers a chrome VI auditing service to assess and advise leather manufacturers, and to reduce the risk of chrome VI formation in finished leather and leather product.


Research Trials and Development
As a technical organisation with a global reach in the leather industry, Eurofins | BLC has worked with several companies to successfully develop products, testing methods, and research projects. If your business is looking to undertake new product development or evolve a leather product, Eurofins | BLC leather consulting services can provide the leather industry knowledge, support, and experience you require.


Fault Diagnosis and Problem Solving
Eurofins | BLC provides a variety of fault diagnosis services for consumer products and production processes. Utilise this Eurofins | BLC leather consulting service to identify the root cause of product problems for various materials including leather, textile, synthetics.


Confidential Legal Support
Another leather consulting service Eurofins | BLC provides is confidential and independent reports for legal cases and work with organisations, private individuals and government departments.


Investigating Material Performance
Do you have a material that is not performing as well as expected? Use Eurofins | BLC leather consulting services to investigate the material performance issue and provide your business with an effective solution.


Material Lifecycle Analysis
Eurofins | BLC can conduct complete and partial material lifecycle analysis across a range of natural and synthetic materials including leather, textiles, plastics, metals and more on a case-by-case basis.


Leather Supply Chain Mapping
Eurofins | BLC's supply chain mapping service provides your business with a geographical map of your material supply chain and identifies risk hotspots. This leather consulting service gives your business the tools to manage supply chain reporting, respond to policy scrutiny and comply with legislation.

Eurofins | BLC leather consulting services can help your business overcome leather production and manufacturing problems, such as:


Problems with Spue on Leather Products

Spue exhibits itself as a white powdery substance on the surface of leather products and can sometimes resemble mould. Most spues seen on leather products are caused by fats or oils which have migrated to the leather surface and crystallised giving a white appearance. Spue can also be caused by excess inorganic salts in the leather. Spue can sometimes be cleaned from the leather but it is often prone to return. Knowing the cause of the spue allows for changes to be made to prevent re-occurrence of the problem. Eurofins | BLC leather consulting can help with identifying spue and provide solutions on how to eliminate future re-occurrences on leather and leather goods.


Foil and Finish Failure on Leather

Metallic foiled leathers are a specialist finish type and manufacturers oftem experience problems in this area. In extreme cases, there can be a complete loss of the metallic layer from the leather. Damage during one part of product manufacture can also make the foil finish become more susceptible to further damage during subsequent operations. Eurofins | BLC leather consulting can analyse foiled leathers to identify the cause of foil or finish failure and will advise you on how to avoid problems in the future.


Colour Transfer / Migration / Bleed from Leather

Colour transfer (also known as colour migration or bleed) is typically caused by excess or unfixed dyes in the leather or dyes used in the finishing process. Incompatibility of materials such as adhesives or lining materials can also cause colour transfer problems. Eurofins | BLC leather consulting and testing services can be used to identify problematic materials and offer practical solutions to the problem. 


Corrosion & Tarnishing of Metal Components used in Leather Products

Metallic components are often used in conjunction with leather. Wrong choice of materials or poor plating of metals can lead to potential issues of tarnishing from use. Some leathers also can contain substances which can be aggressive towards metallic components causing unwanted corrosion and tranishing. Eurofins | BLC leather consulting services can help identify potential hardware issues and offer assistance with material compatibility.


Colour Fading / Fastness / Lightfastness of Leather

Poor lightfastness can be a serious issue with leather goods and is often not highlighted until after the product has been made. The problem tends to be related to choice of dye but tanning and process materials can also impact on the lightfastness of the leather. Certain dye colours and pale shades can be particularly problematic. Eurofins | BLC leather consulting can offer practical advice and support on how to select the right materials to achieve good lightfastness properties. 


Contact Eurofins | BLC for Leather Consulting Services

If you are experiencing any of the above problems with your leather or leathergoods manufacture, contact Eurofins | BLC and utilise our leather consulting services to find the solution to your leather problems. Call Eurofins | BLC to discuss your leather problem on +44 (0)1604 679 999 or email [email protected].

World-leading leather consulting and auditing experts

Eurofins | BLC are renowned in the leather industry for their technical expertise and problem-solving abilities, so who better for your business to work with on a specialist leather consulting project?

Eurofins | BLC has 100 years' of expertise in the leather supply chain and works with a variety of businesses on an international scale, including brands and retailers, leather manufacturers and chemical companies.

At Eurofins | BLC, we provide confidential research and development through our leather consulting services as well as excellent customer service.

We are at the forefront of ground-breaking research projects such as the DNA tagging system that aims to provide full traceability throughout the leather supply chain. 


For leather consulting and auditing services, Eurofins | BLC provides:

  • Technical expertise built on 100 years’ experience
  • Confidential research and development
  • Bespoke project plans developed to your research needs
  • Ability to address specific and advanced problems
  • Competitive pricing


Become a Eurofins | BLC Member and access:

  • Discounted prices
  • Supply chain and manufacturing advice
  • Access to advanced technical support


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Our Accreditations

Eurofins | BLC holds accreditations from UKAS and CPSC and has auditors approved to carry out LWG audits. Trust Eurofins | BLC to deliver some of the most accurate test results in the industry.

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