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Whole Shoe Testing at BLC

BLC offers whole shoe restricted substance testing. To ensure compliance with legal and social requirements, and ultimately brand protection, a comprehensive restricted substance package, including whole shoe testing, is available to the footwear industry.

BLC is one of the fastest testing laboratories in Europe and our aim is to deliver results within 3-5 working days.  Established for over 90 years we have the technical pedigree in whole shoe testing to ensure fast accurate support.

The UKAS accreditation for whole shoe testing reinforces and demonstrates BLC's competence, impartiality and performance capability in the area of the product testing services sector to meet the needs of manufacturers and retailers.

Whilst many footwear testing laboratories are only able to supply simple pass/fail test reports; BLC is able to offer additional support and advice immediately upon report of a sample failure.  In addition our experience of different tests means that we ensure the appropriate test methods are used at all times.

The footwear supply chain is complicated due to the large number of component suppliers involved. When it comes to showing due diligence it is less complicated to test the final product rather than instigating the quality systems required to monitor many suppliers.

Chemical testing is important as there are many substances whose presence is restricted in footwear components (azo­dyes, chromium VI, formaldehyde, nickel, PCP to name just a few). These will vary depending upon the material of which the component is made and the final intended use of the product. In addition to typical footwear testing, other chemical testing examples include:­

BLC plays an active role in monitoring the legislative and brand positions on various restricted substances and also has a high profile presence on many of the standards committees (BSI, CEN and ISO) related to leather and footwear. A benefit of BLC membership is access to advice and information associated with these issues. 


Depending on your requirements, we can test shoes for the following:


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For more information on our whole shoe testing services please contact or  +44 (0)1604 679999.

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