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Testing Equipment from BLC

BLC offers a range of chemical systems, test equipment and testing supplies for a variety of applications. These include technologies developed at BLC or with partner companies through to specialist laboratory supplies.

Some of these products will be sourced direct from the manufacturers and others are available direct from BLC. For further details see the individual product pages or email

ST300 Softness Tester

The ST300 Softness Tester is a precision instrument that provides a dependable means of measuring leather softness. The tester is non-destructive so does not require samples to be removed from the leather prior to testing. This enables a quality system to be set up between supplier and customer whenever leather softness is an important factor.

The ST300 Softness Tester is available as a conventional analogue unit graduated in 0.1mm divisions, or as an electronic digital unit displaying figures to 0.01 mm. The digital version features an RS 232 interface enabling links to be made to a computer or printer for SPC options.

For more information and distributors see MSA Engineering Systems Limited


SG300 Substance Gauge

The SG300 Substance Gauge is a compact hand-held design which is completely portable and owes many of its features to its unique patented shape.

The frame design is aimed at giving optimum ergonomic handling coupled with maximum strength and rigidity essential for this type of instrument and its operating environment.

The gauge is available as a conventional analogue unit with 0.1 mm divisions or as an electronic digital unit displaying figures to 0.01 mm. The digital unit features an RS232 interface enabling links to a computer or printer for SPC options

Statistical process control (SPC) is a means of recording, analysing and reporting data. An approved SPC printer can be supplied as an optional extra with the digital version of either device. Alternatively an SPC software package is available which will input data into any Windows or DOS application program that accepts keyboard input. Spreadsheets, databases and word processors can then be used to create customised analysis of data and recording of results.

For more information and distributors see MSA Engineering Systems Limited


MT-LQ Leather Quality Tester

In collaboration with Stable Micro Systems, BLC Leather Technology Centre now offer the MT-LQ Leather Quality Tester. Conforming to procedures defined by the International Union of Leather Technologists' and Chemists' Societies (IULTCS) and the Society of Leather Trade Chemists (SLTC), the MT-LQ provides direct measurement of:

Additional tests specified by the BLC include:

The comprehensive capability of the MT-LQ enables the characteristics of a wide range of associated materials, such as plastics, rubber, yarn and textiles to be measured.

In either standalone format, with all data entry and results displayed on an ergonomically designed console, or with the added intelligence of real-time data acquisition and graphics software the MT-LQ is a comprehensive analytical instrument.

BLC/SMS provide the complete service to ensure that the MT-LQ meets your requirements and ongoing leather testing needs.

For more information and distributors see Stable Micro Systems


Colour Assessment Cabinets

VeriVide, the industry leaders in colour assessment cabinets, in association with BLC Leather Technology Centre, introduce their latest range of equipment for the visual assessment of colour, in accordance with BS950: Part 1 directives. Suitable for the Leather and associated industries.

The CAC range incorporates membrane switching with electronic ballast control of the illuminants. These features ensure optimum consistency of viewing conditions and permit the combined use of 26mm and 38mm lamps.

ModelOverall dimensions
CAC150 1560 x 780 x 620 mm
CAC60 710 x 570 x 420 mm

CE approved to EN 55015

For more information contact VeriVide

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