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Lead in Paint Testing

Lead in Paint Testing

We know that too much lead in our bodies isn’t healthy. Over the last 30 years or so, a lot has been done to eliminate lead from products in this country, but you may still come across it in old paint.

This is because up until the mid-1960s, lead was used to make some kinds of paint – for windows, doors and other woodwork, as well as for some metal items, like radiators. A few minor uses continued until the 1980s.

BLC offer lead in paint testing, we are one of the fastest testing laboratories in Europe and can provide lead in paint testing results within 3-5 working days.

We also offer lead testing in other products.

Lead in paint and the law

The UK has implemented the provisions of the Marketing and Use Directive (89/677/EEC) through the Environmental Protection (Controls on Injurious Substances) Regulations 1992 (Statutory Instrument 1992/31), which allow restricted use of lead paint. The UK Regulations allow the manufacture and use of lead paint (containing white lead), but in controlled and special circumstances for the redecoration of Grade I and II * (Categories A, B and C(S) in Scotland) listed historic buildings. Strict regulations apply to its use. The general sale of lead paint in the UK is prohibited under these Regulations.

Professionals should refer to Lead at Work Regulations 1998 SI 543, Control of Lead at Work ACOP 1985 and The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 SI 3140. The Regulations require that any specifier/employer must avoid foreseeable risks to the health and safety of an employee, combat these risks and protect any person associated with or who may be affected by the work being done. These persons should also be provided with adequate information on any aspects of the work which may affect their health and safety.

Professional painters should dispose of lead wastes in accordance with the Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations 1992. They may need to check with their local Environmental Health Officer and/or Waste Regulatory Authority for any special disposal provision.

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