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Mould Testing

Mould Testing

Mould can be particularly problematic and generally affects products which have been shipped and then stored for long periods of time.  Mould needs a source of food and moisture to grow, therefore it is vital to ensure moisture is controlled at all stages of product manufacture, storage and shipping.

BLC is a specialist mould testing laboratory and can help to eliminate mould problems from occurring on products. Mouldy products can be both costly and cause delays in production, we are able to identify and prevent potential and recurring issues with mouldy products.   

BLC is one of the fastest testing laboratories in Europe and our aim is to deliver mould testing results within 3-5 working days.  Established for over 90 years we have the technical pedigree in testing to ensure fast accurate support.

The dangers of mould
One of the most serious concerns with mould is that certain types can be toxic and pose a health risk to people who come into contact with the spores.  It is therefore important to handle mouldy goods with care.  

Knowing which species of mould you are dealing with is important in understanding how to deal with the problem.  BLC carries out mould inspection using specialist equipment to analyse the mould, allowing the species to be identified.  We will also test to identify the origin of the mould.

If you are sending samples to BLC for mould testing, please ensure that samples are double wrapped and the internal packaging is clearly labelled.

BLC can help with your mould testing and mould detection needs on products, from manufacture through to finished products at retail. For further information on mould testing, please contact us on +44 (0) 1604 679999 or email

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