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Mould Inspections

Mould Inspections

Mould growth on products is a major problem commonly encountered by retailers and manufacturers however, it is preventable.

What causes mould?
Many factories and manufacturing plants, particularly in locations such as Asia, are ideal breeding grounds for mould due to the high levels of warmth and humidity. Inappropriate storage and/or packaging may exacerbate the mould problems.  The methods and controls used to manage mould growth must be carefully monitored to improve the situation.

How can BLC help with mould contamination?
BLC are mould experts and can help you prevent mould problems by conducting a mould inspection at your manufacturing facility to investigate the conditions under which products are manufactured, stored and packed. Ensure that your plant is mould-free and avoid costly delays in production, storage and shipping.

The mould inspection process
During a mould inspection the moisture content and humidity of the manufacturing plant will be measured and assessed, including monitoring of packaging materials, general housekeeping and mould management.  Once the mould inspection and detection process has been completed, recommendations for on-going mould management will be provided, highlighting key action points.

The danger of mould
Mould growth on products can cause the products to smell, change colour or even become infected with dangerous species of mould that can be toxic and pose a health risk to people who come into contact with the mould spores.  Once mould has taken hold it can spread throughout a facility and cause even more problems, which could result in mould growth during shipping, damaged products, late deliveries, lost sales and reduced profits.

If you have any concerns about mould or are interested in arranging a mould inspection please contact BLC on +44 (0) 1604 679999 or email

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