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Leather Problem Solving

Leather Problem Solving

No matter how well production processes are managed and controlled, leather problems and leather faults do occur. It is essential that leather faults are indentified and resolved rapidly and efficiently.

A strength of BLC is its leather specialisation and its ability to provide in-depth analysis of manufacturing or consumer problems.

BLC offer a leather problems solving service at our UKAS accredited laboratory.  Our objective is a fast, accurate and independent response and we focus on providing an answer to problems within a 5-7 day period. Established for over 90 years, we have the technical pedigree in leather technology to ensure fast accurate solutions to technical, management or environmental leather problems.

Leather manufacturers, retailers or consumers can send leather or product to BLC to identify the cause of leather problems. Once identified, our team of specialists will provide expert leather problems solving advice and support.  This can take the form of telephone or e-mail support through to provision of expert on-site assistance anywhere in the world.

Mould in leather is often a problem. At BLC we offer mould testing, we analyse mouldy leather products to determine how the mould has occurred, what type of mould is affecting the leather and if the mouldy leather can be remediated.

BLC can help with all your leather problems or leather testing needs.


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For further information on the leather problem solving services available from BLC please contact or +44 (0) 1604 679999.

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