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BLC Lab Supplies

Lab Supplies

BLC provides a small quantity of useful laboratory supplies for in-house labs. 


Light Fastness Standards
Blue Wool Standards 1-8 (each) £36
Grey Scale for assessing colour change ISO 105-A02 (each) £100
Grey Scale for assessing staining ISO 105 - A03 (each) £100
American Standards LS2-LS9 (LS2 is considered a good intermediate between BS Blue Wool Standards 3 and 4) (12"x12" each) £36

Felt Pads (SLF 5 and IUF Rub Tests)
SLF 5 (per 100) £25
IUF 450 (per 100) £25

Filter Candles
Filter Candles for Tannin Analysis (cleaned) £35


VAT (where applicable), postage and packaging not included.

For more information or to order any of these items, please email


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