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Jewellery Testing

Jewellery Testing

BLC offers jewellery testing at our UKAS accredited laboratory.  We are experts in jewellery testing and offer a range of tests which include heavy metals testing, nickel testing, lead testing, cadmium testing and hardware testing.

BLC is one of the fastest material testing laboratories in Europe and we aim to deliver results within 3-5 working days (test permitting).  Established for over 90 years we have the technical pedigree in product testing to ensure fast accurate support.


Lead Testing

LEAD - BLC is approved by US CPSC for the testing of lead in surface coatings and substrates. From August 2009 US federal law limits the content of lead in an item to 300ppm (0.03%) and from August 2011 this will reduce to 100ppm (0.01%) - unless the commission decides that it is not technically feasible to have this lower limit.  The surface coating limit is currently 90ppm (0.09%).

BLC also tests in accordance with EN71 part 3.  Please click the link for more information on lead testing.


Cadmium Testing

Regulations are being tightened for cadmium.  Currently we test to the Toy Testing regulations with cadmium being less than 75ppm released from each component and each colour - components are tested separately.  Please click the link for more information on Cadmium Testing.


Plating Thickness and Composition

Measurements are available for verifying the thickness and composition of plated layers.  This is required to establish plating specifications.


Physical Testing

A range of physical tests are available from BLC.  As these are likely to be tailored specifically to your products please contact us to discuss your requirements.


REACH Testing

BLC can assist with any REACH testing and REACH support that may be required or with the REACH screening process to ensure that you can meet the immediate requirements of the REACH regulation. Please click the link for further information on REACH testing.



The composition of packaging materials, and any possible tarnishing effect on the jewellery enclosed, can be tested in our laboratory.


Wear Testing and Drop Tests

In our experience the quality of jewellery can vary significantly and therefore simulation of wear tests, and attachment strength, etc are essential for quality and safety.  We can provide advice and specifications for our customers.


Please click here for a copy of our sample submission form

For further information on jewellery testing, please contact BLC on +44 (0) 1604 679999 or email

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