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Hide Powder 

White hide powder is the SLTC official hide powder and is used for gravimetric analysis to measure the tan capacity of vegetable tanning materials and extracts. It also has uses for pharmaceutical purposes such as de-tanning of vegetable and plant extracts. Hide powder for the gravimetric analysis of vegetable tanning agents and extracts is produced at BLC under controlled conditions.

Hide powder is produced from top quality hides using an extensive washing process based on distilled water. The resulting hides are processed through a special grinding system producing a fine voluminous hide powder which is standardised in its absorption characteristics.


Properties for hide powder:

Black hide powder, used to measure enzyme activity, is also available.

Delivery - most hide powder is delivered from stock. Large quantities of hide powder will be made to order and will take 4 weeks.

For further information, please contact or +44 (0) 1604 679999.

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