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GB Standards Testing on Leather Products

Companies doing business in China need to be aware of the complexities of GB Standards and the necessity of GB standards testing on leather products.  In addition to mandatory and voluntary standards, many Chinese regulatory agencies also issue technical regulations for leather products in the Chinese market.  Any brand supplying leather product into China needs to demonstrate compliance to GB standards testing for formaldehyde and azo dyes.

If you are selling leather products in China these standards are mandatory and can only be conducted by a Chinese government laboratory.  BLC, working with a Chinese partner, can provide your GB standards testing.  BLC is a specialist chemical testing laboratory with considerable expertise in dealing with the complex nature of leather and related substances.  Only a chemical testing laboratory with a comprehensive understanding of leather and GB standards testing can provide this support.

Brands that are in breach of the GB standards regulation may have their products seized from stores.

Whilst many testing laboratories are only able to supply simple pass/fail test reports; BLC is able to offer additional support and advice immediately upon report of a sample failure.  In addition our experience of different material testing means that we ensure the appropriate test methods are used at all times.
GB standards are the Chinese national standards issued by the Standardization Administration of China (SAC), the Chinese National Committee of the ISO and IEC. GB stands for Guobiao, Chinese for national standard. National standards, which need to be uniform across all of China, are the most widely implemented standards in China and are categorised as: GB – Mandatory national standard, GB/T - Voluntary national standard, GB/Z - National standardisation technical guide.
Mandatory standards are enforced by laws and administrative regulations and concern the protection of health, personal property and safety. Many Chinese national GB standards are adoptions from ISO, IEC or other international standards developers.

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