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Corrosion Testing

Corrosion Testing

Corrosion can occur in most materials from polymers to ceramics, but it is most well-known for its destruction of metals.  When corrosion forms on the surface of a metal it produces a discolouration known as tarnishing.

Most leather goods have some form of hardware in their construction, such as buckles, clasps and rings.  Metals can tarnish relatively easily which results in an unattractive appearance, and, in severe cases, breakdown of the components.
Corrosion or tarnishing often occurs in transit, especially if the components are shipped from overseas.  Shipping can take many weeks, and the environmental conditions inside the container can vary.  Hot and humid conditions can speed the mechanism of corrosion considerably. The problem may not have been evident when the goods were packed, but by the time they reach their destination the problem has become clear.

The testing of metallic hardware can highlight any potential problems which are likely to occur during the lifetime of the product. BLC offers corrosion testing at our UKAS accredited laboratory, we are one of the fastest testing laboratories in Europe and can provide results within 3-5 working days.    There are several tests which BLC can conduct to examine the integrity of metallic hardware.

Plating thickness and metal analysis can also be carried out on metallic hardware to determine their make up.  This often highlights any inconsistencies in construction, and will show if the plating thickness of different layers is sufficient.  Microscopy is also a useful tool in examining the porosity of plating layers or lacquers.

BLC are able to advise and provide suggestions on ways to prevent tarnishing and corrosion, with over 90 years experience of leather and different materials we have the technical expertise to provide support and solutions to our customers.

Why choose BLC for your corrosion testing?

• Speed of delivery - testing results within 3-5 working days
• Specialists in restricted chemical testing and supply chain support
• Technical back up and support from experts if needed
• A focus on customer service and support
• An assured pedigree through 90 years of experience

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