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Chromium Testing

BLC offers UKAS accredited Chrome VI at our UKAS accredited laboratory; we are one of the fastest testing laboratories in Europe and can provide chromium VI testing results within 3-5 working days. We are in a unique position, with over 90 years experience of leather and related products, to identify the compounds that are likely to be present in materials tested, where they may originate and the likelihood of false positive results.


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Why choose BLC to conduct your chrome VI testing?

·        One of the fastest testing laboratories in Europe

·        Experts in chemical testing and compliance – over 90 years experience

·        Technical support and guidance if and when failures occur

·        Solutions to cleanse and reduce toxic chemicals from your supply chain

·        Expert advice and solutions on legislation and supply chain compliance

·        Access to chemical supply chain specifications


BLC Delivers ‘Excellence’ for Chrome VI Testing in Leather


BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd. proficiency test certificate for Chrome VI testing in Leather


BLC Leather Technology Centre Ltd. is right on the mark when it comes to testing your leather and product for Chrome VI. To ensure the accuracy of our testing practices and facilities, we regularly undertake proficiency testing, regulated by the Institute for Interlaboratory Studies (iis), Netherlands. In the latest round we achieved a ‘Certificate of Excellence’, demonstrating pin-point accuracy in our Chromium VI in Leather test results, proficiency test reference pt:iis16Ao5. Read the full BLC Press Release.


What legislation relates to Chrome VI?

Following an EU proposal there will be a new requirement which prohibits the placing on the market of leather articles and articles containing leather parts if the content of chromium VI is equal to or greater than 3 mg/kg of the total dry weight of leather in the leather article or the leather parts. The restriction will apply to leather parts that under normal or foreseeable use come into contact with the skin. The restriction will not apply to products that are sold as second hand items. The restriction, which will be added to Annex XVII of REACH, will be implemented in 2015.


What are the limits for Chrome VI?

The proposed concentration limit for Chrome VI in leather articles is 3mg/kg.


What is chrome VI?

Hexavalent chromium VI is the hazardous form of the naturally occurring chromium element and the safe trivalent form of chromium used in tanning. Chromium III tanned leather can form traces of chromium VI under certain environmental conditions. The conversion from Chromium III to Chromium VI is an oxidation process and can be facilitated by the factors like heat, UV radiation, changes in pH, presence of unsaturated organic compounds (e.g. natural fats), oxidizing agents and many other factors. Often several of these factors need to be present at the same time.

The formation of Chromium VI from Chromium III can be slow which means that articles not containing Chromium VI directly after production of the leather may develop some Chromium VI during transport and storage, especially where there is a propensity for chrome VI to form due to the conditions outlined.

Under well managed production conditions, chrome tanned leather should pose a very low risk of containing chrome VI. Poor process control, poor quality chrome powder and adverse storage conditions can however, cause the formation of the harmful hexavalent form of chromium.


What are the risks?

Chrome VI is recognized as a human carcinogen when it is inhaled. Chronic inhalation of Chrome VI has been shown to increase risk of lung cancer and may also damage the small capillaries in kidneys and intestines. Other adverse health effects associated with Chrome VI exposure, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), include skin irritation or ulceration and allergic contact dermatitis.


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