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Biodegradability Testing

Biodegradability Testing

Biodegradability testing determines the potential rate of degradation by biological processes in the environment.  This specialist testing monitors visual appearance, chemical analysis and odour of leather and plastic materials.  Testing is conducted at our UKAS accredited laboratory and results are available within 45 days.

We can assess the biodegradability of leather and plastic materials against International standard ISO 20200:2004.

We have developed a process to assess comparative biodegradation using an accelerated compost environment. A comparison has been made of the differences between various leathers and plastics, such as chrome, aldehyde, vegetable, resins, and chamois tanned. The optimum conditions have been determined to accelerate biodegradability.  

While leather is our specialist area, we can test other materials such as packaging and other degradable materials.

Why choose BLC for your biodegradability testing?

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For further information on biodegradability testing please contact the testing team or +44 (0) 1604 679999.

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