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Laboratory Audits and Accreditation

Laboratory audits

Assuring the competence of a leather supplier in-house laboratory is important to brands and retailers, by having confidence in the performance and safety of the materials supplied.

BLC offer a 3rd party laboratory proficiency assessment to help brands and retailers manage this risk. Any laboratory must be well controlled and managed with calibrated equipment, trained personnel and excellent document control.


BLC laboratory audit

The BLC laboratory audit is based on the guiding principles of ISO 17025 and also supports the laboratory by identifying opportunities for improvement in parallel to the auditing process. Typically taking one day, this service provides certification to BLC standards for a 12-month period. Laboratory audits can be carried out globally.


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For more information on laboratory audits, contact BLC today via or telephone our UK-based office on +44 (0)1604 679999.
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